The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1305

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1305 – Buy the Heat With Money

Clayton’s comment was surprisingly still the first! The people below commented.

|What does this mean?]

|Is Goddess Nicole feeling better? We all miss you so much!

|We hate the rich. The only company we don’t want to go bankrupt is Stanton Corporation. You have to get better!]

[I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the first hot comment seems like a couple’s dialogue.]

Several comments immediately appeared under this comment.


|AbsoIuteIy impossible! My Goddess will always be single!]

|A cat and a mouse? Anyone can meow. Don’t try to use the entertainment circle’s tactic. You’re just lucky that you became the first comment!]

|That’s right, it’s pure coincidence!]

Nicole looked left and right. The rising comments and likes made her even more puzzled.

Thus, she sent a screenshot to Clayton. Clayton replied instantly. |?]

Nicole typed. |Isn’t this you?] Clayton replied. |It’s me.]

Nicole confirmed that she had not misread it before she slowly replied.

[Do you spend all your time on social media? Didn’t you go back to Liberty for business?]

Clayton replied. [Hm.]

Nicole laughed coldly. What was “hm” supposed to mean?

Did it mean that he did not want to answer?

Nicole had no interest in talking anymore.

Just as she was about to turn off her phone and continue working, another message from Clayton popped up.

[I only follow you on social media. That’s why I received your notification in such a timely manner.]

Nicole was stunned.

Another message from Clayton popped up. [There was business, but it was resolved quickly.]

Nicole’s face eased slightly. Since he explained very patiently, she forgave him.

[But how did you become the first comment?]

According to Clayton’s speed, other people would be several times faster than him.

Clayton replied. [I bought it with money.]


What a straightforward and frank explanation! Nicole really wanted to laugh.

[“Meow—” What does that mean?]

Clayton replied. [Both squeak and meow are onomatopoeia. I think they go well together.]

Clayton smiled as he typed and explained it seriously. Even if it was online, Clayton had to show his presence. However…

The netizens did not believe that it was a couple’s reply.

Nicole and Clayton were a couple!

There were d*e-hard fans of Nicole standing up for her to clear the relationship, righteously saying that Nicole was single.

Clayton smiled coldly and thought, ’Am I not worthy?’

Nicole could not help but laugh. She was speechless and replied. [Yeah, it does match.]

Clayton’s mood suddenly improved, like dark clouds parting to reveal the sun. He was so angry at the netizens’ clarification that he wanted to curse earlier, but Nicole’s message suddenly made him feel like it was all clear skies.

Life was simply too good!

To the side, the assistant was busy and saw Clayton’s expression go from cloudy to sunny in a short time span. It was too terrifying.

It changed even quicker than a woman’s temper!

The assistant was a little curious about what kind of person Ms. Stanton from Mediania was like.

Clayton suddenly remembered something and typed. [By the way, did you see the surprise I left you?]

Nicole froze for a second. ’Oops, I forgot!’

She went back to work and rest immediately after returning from the airport, so she completely forgot about that.

Nicole quickly found a small palm-sized sandalwood box brought up by the butler from the drawer. It looked quite exquisite.

She opened it.

It had several keys and an address. Nicole frowned slightly.

She asked him. [What is this place?]

Clayton saw her ask this and knew that she had not gone yet.

He smiled and did not get disappointed.


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