The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1303

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Kai went upstairs and saw Nicole calmly having a video conference. She raised her brows slightly when she saw Kai leaning against the door frame.

Kai put down the envelope in his hand on the table, turned around, and went out.

She glanced at it.

Nicole was slightly stunned. Then, she immediately regained her composure and calmly listened to the person in the video call report the situation.

Eric did not accept this thank-you gift, even if it was the thing that Ferguson Corporation needed the most.

Twenty minutes later. The meeting ended.

Nicole calmly looked at the document on the table and thought, ’Eric really has a backbone. Did he want me to owe him for life? No way!’

Nicole called a number. “Logan, come over.”

It took 25 minutes for Logan to get from the office to the Stanton Mansion.

Nicole stretched and came downstairs, holding a cup of hot milk in her hand. There was even a milk mustache above her lips.

Logan looked at her and laughed. “President, are you in a good mood?”

Nicole paused. “How can you tell?” Logan’s eyes were curved. “Intuition.”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him.

Then, she passed him the document in her hand. “Send it to Ferguson Corporation and give it to Eric

Ferguson. Make sure he keeps it. If he doesn’t want it, then give him the check. Either way, he has to pick one.”

Logan’s smile stiffened.

Sure enough, when Nicole was in a good mood, Logan’s bitter days were right on the horizon.

Eric Ferguson was not easy to deal with!

“President, you gave Mr. Ferguson a check? I think that Mr. Ferguson never thought in his life that a woman would give him a check.”

Nicole gave off the image of a domineering president to its fullest.

However… Was there a mistake?

Who was the domineering president here?

’Will Eric not chop me up?’ Logan thought.

Nicole glanced at him coldly. “Cut the c**p and go quickly.”

Logan raised his brows. Of course, there was no room for refusal.

“Okay, I’ll go now.”

Logan finished speaking and turned to leave.

“By the way, the police have issued a statement and announced the charges against Autumn Ferguson. Start preparing for the press conference,” Nicole added.

Logan turned around. “Understood. Will the press conference be in Atlanta or Sand City?”

Nicole pursed her lips. “Sand City, preferably in front of that burnt warehouse. Let them see how much Stanton Corporation gave for this project and the development of Sand City.”

Logan nodded with a smile. “Yes, I’ll get right on it.” Nicole was still the most thoughtful.

The b****d warehouse had not been rebuilt yet, and the building materials inside had been b****d to the ground.

The quality control department’s inspection had to be terminated.

However, they took away a batch of the building materials in the past, and the test results were out. Including the randomly selected homeowners in the first phase of the project, the truth would soon be revealed.

They also had a police statement, so now was the best time to hold a press conference.

Although Nicole was not present, with Grant around, she did not have to worry at all.

During this period, Nicole stayed at home to recover from her injuries, but the concerned voices about her never stopped.

On the day when Nicole was kidnapped by the reporter, the incident was broadcasted live, so countless people saw the frightening scene.

Although Nicole escaped danger then, she was caught in the fire later on. The media also vaguely mentioned the matter of Nicole’s accident.

Nicole only found out afterward that the Stanton family did not deliberately conceal the matter.

It was to let the other side lower their guard so that the Stanton family could bring her back in secret.

Now, the news on the internet was still fermenting.


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