The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1300

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1300 – Bad Manners

Sloan Corporation’s reaction was tantamount to rubbing salt into the wounds of the group of stockholders who were about to go bankrupt.

As a result, Sloan Corporation’s reputation immediately plummeted to the point where they were reviled by everyone.

Once Quavon came back, he was faced with this huge mess. He almost died from anger.

Clayton looked at the latest progress report, snorted softly, and threw it on the table with an indifferent expression on his face.

”I gave them a chance. If they’d spit out the money on time and had better manners, it wouldn’t have come to this point.”

Everyone knew that these were the stockholders who rolled about in the stock market all year. They did not have

an occupation and relied on the rise and fall of the market to make money.

Trying to peel off a layer of their skin was too difficult.

However, not only did Sloan Corporation do that, but they also bit into that layer of skin tightly and flaunted it. It was the same as courting d***h.

The assistant smiled calmly on the side.

“Sloan Corporation looks grand on the surface, but the talents behind the scenes had been poached long ago, and the executives are greedy. Problems are sure to appear sooner or later. It’s just a small problem now, but they don’t even have the power to fight back. They couldn’t solve it even after so long. It’s clear that their company is already a mess. They simply have no handy countermeasures, so they’re at the mercy of others. What’s ridiculous is that such a huge pie fell on their head, but not only did they not have any sense of crisis, they wanted to s*****w it alone and became complacent. Over the years, if not for the fact that you didn’t bother with them, Sloan Corporation would have lost so much money to the stock market that they’d have nothing left.”

Clayton’s expression was cold as he looked at the time. ” Now that Quavon is back, he’ll definitely take countermeasures. He’s not the same as that imbecile

Isaac. We have to respond in time.” The assistant paused before speaking.

“Mr. Sloan, even if Chairman Sloan comes back to preside

over the general situation, I’m afraid it won’t help.”

Clayton raised his brows and looked at him. The assistant pursed his lips.

“Previously, you asked me to keep a close eye on Sloan Corporation and not to intervene. I didn’t hear any news a few days ago, but… This morning, I saw Sloan Corporation’s Vice President, who’s currently in charge, working privately with a wealthy businessman from Mediania. I reconfirmed Sloan Corporation’s stock situation…”

The assistant paused and glanced at Clayton, who pursed his lips and looked at him with raised brows.

“Except for the 39.5% shares in Quavon and Isaac’s hands, the remaining 6% in the hands of the minority shareholders and nearly 54% of the shares from the other major shareholders are no longer in their own hands.”

Clayton’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”

He was obviously a little surprised. The assistant spoke hesitantly.

”Where the shares went is unknown, but it’s certain that the shares went to one person, and it wasn’t Mr. Ferguson, the rich businessman that Sloan Corporation is meeting with today. It should be another force from Mediania.”

Clayton’s brows twisted slightly as if he was thinking about something.

The assistant was close to explicitly saying he suspected that the shares were secretly taken away by Nicole.

However, there was no evidence.

The news the assistant got did not come by easily. If not for the shareholders who supported Clayton revealed the situation and wanted Clayton to take advantage of it, they would have only learned about this news when the stocks were transferred.

By then, it would already be too late.

Sloan Corporation’s shares had always been highly sought after. However, what was truly shocking was that although those shareholders did not act, they still wanted to sit in their original positions and eat up the profit.


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