The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1296

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1296 – You Know It’s a Trap

Nicole finished speaking and curled her lips. She took a step back and gently reached out.

“Go board the plane…”

Quavon’s lips twitched. The veins at the corners of his forehead bulged.

He wanted to k**l this woman, but he simply did not have the power.

On the contrary, it was easy for Nicole to get rid of him, who had secretly come over to Mediania.

“Ms. Stanton, I underestimated you. But don’t forget that a Sloan is still by your side.”

Quavon gritted his teeth and reminded her.

He wanted to irritate Nicole and did not want Clayton to get together with her.

If Clayton and Nicole were together, they would be unstoppable.

It would do Quavon no good and only cause him harm. Hearing that, Nicole raised her brows and smiled.

“Chairman Sloan, do you know why I didn’t get you k****d while you were here?”

Nicole’s voice was very pleasant and gentle, but the words she uttered were extraordinarily harsh and intimidating.

Quavon’s face changed.

“Because I don’t want Clayton to have even the slightest aversion to Mediania. You should be grateful that he’s your son. Otherwise…”

Nicole did not continue to say the next words.

However, everyone understood what followed. Even Autumn understood.

Autumn stood there. Her body was trembling.

The Nicole she was looking at seemed to have changed into a different person. All the jealousy and reluctance in Autumn’s heart were swept away.

Nicole’s level was not something Autumn could achieve through education. It was not something that she could obtain by working hard.

Autumn would not even be able to imitate Nicole even if she tried.

Ouavon stared at Nicole in front of him with a cloudy gaze.

“How long do you think he’ll be infatuated with you? He has the huge wealth of Sloan Corporation at his fingertips. All of Isaac’s belongings will now belong to him. When the time comes, will he still choose you?”

Quavon’s voice was low and husky with a hint of inexplicable satisfaction.

He wanted to see this woman in front of him go crazy.

The two of them stared at each other wordlessly. Two seconds later, a warm and familiar voice tinged with coldness came from behind them.

“Yes, I’ll always choose her.”

The sound of footsteps gradually approached.

Nicole turned to the side and was surprised to see Clayton standing in front of her. He looked a little travel-worn, but his clothes were not messy, and his face was still clean and clear.

Clayton’s gaze was cold and solemn as he looked at Quavon in front of him. His expression was sullen and firm.

“I already told you countless times. I don’t want a single penny from your family. I already found a lawyer and signed a statement of relinquishment of property. It’ll be sent to your mailbox soon. That’s why you should stop trying to drag me into your plans.”

Quavon’s eyes widened. He stared at Clayton intently, and his face trembled slightly.


Clayton’s lips curled up. “There’s no point in getting angry here. You should save your strength and deal with the mess in Liberty instead. After all, the SEC has summoned you for the second time. If you don’t go and explain, Sloan Corporation will face the risk of delisting.”

Quavon was so angry that his face turned red.

He looked at Clayton and then at Nicole before he laughed. “Great! Fine, I raised an ingrate. You win!”

Quavon gnashed his teeth viciously.

His informer in Liberty told him that the stock market turmoil was not a risk that happened naturally.

In all likelihood, it was man-made.

There were not many people on Wall Street who had the ability to manipulate the stock market and set up such a large trap.

Clayton was one of them.

It was a big fiasco on the stock market.

On the surface, the Sloan family made a lot of money, but their assets were frozen.

It could be said that they were facing a huge risk. The changes every day were like hurricanes which blotted out the sky.

Never in his dreams did Quavon think that he would lose to his b*****d son.


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