The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1278

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1278 – B****d?

Nicole could not help but cough. The warehouse was filled with flammable building materials. Once the window was opened, the fire would spread rapidly, and she would soon be b****d alive.

She leaned against the other side of the wall to breathe and keep herself away from the scorching heat.

No matter how hard she held on, it was just getting hotter and hotter.

Nicole felt her head was starting to get dizzy, and the temperature around her was getting warmer like she was in an oven.

Clayton woke up and rubbed his head that hurt like h**l, only to find himself lying in an unfamiliar place.

His surroundings looked like a hotel. He was not far from the hotel where he and Nicole were staying.

’How did I end up here?’ Clayton thought.

His brain spun, and he suddenly thought of the sneaky man that he went after. As soon as he saw the man, another man sprang out of nowhere and violently struck him.

That man was extremely fast and had received professional training.

Clayton did not even have the opportunity to react and fell U ICO ISCIOUS.

He came to his senses, jerked out of bed, went out the door, and saw an unexpected person.

Autumn got up from her seat and walked over joyfully. The concern in her eyes was unconcealed. “Mr. Sloan, you’re awake. Are you hungry? I asked them to prepare something. Why don’t you eat a little first?”

Clayton looked at the majestic and authoritative man sitting there, Quavon Sloan.

’How did Quavon, who shouId’ve been in Liberty, get here? Surprisingly, I didn’t even receive any news of this?’ Clayton thought.

Clayton suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

He pushed Autumn, who had come up to him, away, and his tone was bitter.

“Did you do this?”

Clayton looked at Autumn and Quavon. When he thought about the problem in this Sand City project, it was not difficult to imagine who was behind it.

He was really so careless that he had forgotten about the most dangerous person.

Nicole was still in danger and clueless about this.

Quavon looked intimidating, and the gloominess on his face was undisguised.

He sat there and raised his eyes to look at Clayton.

“Who are you talking to? You should be grateful that you’re my son, that’s why you’re still alive now. Otherwise…”

Ouavon did not finish his sentence.

Otherwise, Clayton would have been b****d to d***h in the fire with that woman.

Clayton’s eyes were dangerous and sharp as he glared at the cruel old man in front of him.

“Grateful? I grew up wondering countless times what sins I committed in my past life to be reborn as your son!”

Clayton had a cold smile at the corners of his lips. It was completely different from the gentle and modest smile he had when facing Nicole.

Quavon’s face was dark and cold. He cast a sidelong glance at Clayton. “No matter what, you have to learn to resign yourself to fate, don’t you think?”

Clayton did not speak.

Autumn rushed over from the back. Her voice was gentle.

“You two are father and son, so you shouldn’t quarrel. Mr. Sloan, Chairman Sloan came here specially to bring you back to Liberty.”

Clayton raised his eyebrows. “Bring me back to Liberty?”

Autumn laughed and could not contain the excitement in her voice. “Yes, Chairman Sloan said that you have enough experience outside, so you can go home to take over the Sloan family business. Mr. Sloan, congratulations!”

Clayton’s eyes darkened. He lifted his head to look at Quavon.

“Is that so?”

Quavon let out a cold grunt. “That’s enough. Are you really planning to stay here forever? Don’t you want to keep everything you’ve worked so hard for in Liberty?”

Even if Clayton could move his business to Mediania, his contacts and resources in Liberty would all gradually dissipate with time.

It was not worth the loss.

Quavon did not believe that such a refined egoist like Clayton would go to this extent for a woman.

For so many years, it was true that Clayton suffered grievances, so Quavon came to give Clayton a way out.


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