The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1277

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1277 – Arson

There was a hint of weirdness in Autumn’s voice.

Nicole’s face was glum. ”You did it?”

”I’m not that capable. I’m just a spectator watching a good show and giving you a heads up.”

After saying that, Autumn hung up the phone.

Nicole looked at the phone and froze for a few seconds. Logan came over.

”President, that reporter is willing to clarify that he started this rumor.”

Nicole looked at him.

“Don’t give him a chance to be on camera. Give his confession to the police so that they could post it officially online. Let the police clarify the whole thing in their name. Also, I want to sue him for threatening me earlier.”

Her tone was extremely cold. Logan nodded his head.

Of course, with Nicole’s status, she could not let this go so simply.

Logan was not comfortable with Luca dealing with the police, so he had to go personally.

Nicole did not stop him. ”Go ahead. Get Luca to go with you because with him there, that reporter won’t dare to lie.”

Logan nodded.

’You should rest early. If there’s any news from Mr. Sloan, I will notify you first.”

Nicole nodded and returned to her bedroom at once.

Logan had a feeling that something was wrong, but he was relieved after he saw Nicole going into the bedroom to rest.

The hotel was surrounded by his people, and security was so tight that not even a fly could enter.

As soon as Logan left, Nicole changed her clothes, took her phone and car keys, and went out the door.

It was all too easy for Nicole to hide from her own people’s tracking.

She drove her car into the construction site.

There was only a faint light swaying at the entrance of the warehouse.

Nicole casually picked up a bat and walked towards the warehouse where she went during the day.

There were still many building materials stored in the warehouse, and it was too quiet.


Nicole shouted. She paused, took out her phone, and called Clayton.

Only after one ring, she could hear Clayton’s phone ringing from inside the warehouse.

Nicole froze and hurriedly walked in.

When she picked up Clayton’s phone on the ground in some corner, the door of the warehouse suddenly slammed shut.

Nicole’s face sank. She ran over, but the people outside had already locked it.

She pounded on the door. “Who is it? Autumn?”

The other party did not make a sound and left in silence.

Nicole stood there until there was no sound outside. She gritted her teeth. Fortunately, there was a dim and dull incandescent lamp in the warehouse that was swaying and shining.

She was just about to call Logan when her phone showed that there was no signal anymore.

Someone had blocked the signal here.

Nicole’s heart sank slightly. It seemed that the other party was coming for her.

An image suddenly flashed in her mind.

During the day when that reporter appeared at first, he probably did not want to threaten her but wanted to k**l her instead.

He just did not expect Logan would come so quickly, and when Logan shouted, he got scared.

Nicole gritted her teeth indignantly. ’This damned Autumn Ferguson! I’ll never let this psychotic b*tch get away with this!’

Nicole was just thinking of jumping out of a window, but there was a bright orange light before she could even reach the window.

Nicole’s face changed dramatically. She immediately ran over and saw that the outside of the warehouse was on fire.

Someone was setting the fire!

The bottom of all the windows smelled of gasoline. The fire quickly rose and spread.

Nicole subconsciously took two steps back and suddenly panicked.

She did not manage to find Clayton but got herself into trouble.

The smoke had already reached the inside of the warehouse through a gap in the window.

Nicole coughed. There was still no signal on her phone, so she could not make any calls.

She used all her strength to lift the door of the warehouse, but it was no use at all.

It was so despairing.


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