The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1270

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1270 – Good Niece

Old Master Leonard was starting to get anxious.

He had to pacify Nicole before Floyd Stanton found trouble with him.

The butler nodded his head.

He found Logan’s phone number and dialed it.

Logan replied, “Sorry, Ms. Stanton is busy preparing for tomorrow’s quality inspection. She doesn’t even have time to eat. When she’s free, she’ll have tea with Old Master Leonard.”

Old Master Leonard naturally heard this clearly from the side.

His face had changed.

He was afraid that Nicole remembered how he had embarrassed her last time at the banquet.

That was why she did not even make a second visit, not to mention the third visit.

Nicole really had Floyd Stanton’s foul temper.

When they called again, Logan did not answer the phone.

Nicole was not very busy because Logan arranged everything very well.

Thus, Nicole and Clayton went out for dinner and went back to the hotel.

Old Master Leonard was anxious and suddenly remembered that Keith seemed to be closer to Nicole that night.

They should have a good relationship.

“Call Keith!”

The butler called Keith.

Keith said, “Granduncle, are you looking for me?” “Are you still in Sand City?”

“I came back to Atlanta a long time ago.”

Old Master Leonard’s face sank. “You have a good relationship with Nicole, right?”

Keith laughed. “That depends on the situation.”

For example, Keith thought that they had a good relationship, but Nicole did not think so.

“I can help her to stop the quality inspection, so you should tell her to stop being busy. I’ll greet the authorities.”

Keith paused and suddenly laughed.

“Granduncle, what did you do before? When she begged you for help, you were putting on airs. Why are you so willing to help now?”

Old Master Leonard was furious by these words. ’This brat dares to mock me?’

“Will you tell her or not?”

“Why don’t you tell her yourself?” Keith asked.

Old Master Leonard said, “She doesn’t have time to answer the phone.”

Keith laughed.

Finally, Keith understood Nicole’s retaliation. She really was b****l.

’Turns out she’s not only like this to me, but to everyone!’ Keith thought.

“Granduncle, I can’t guarantee that she’ll answer my call, but I can try.”

Old Master Leonard was his granduncle after all. It was rare that Old Master Leonard took the initiative to bow down, so Keith ought to show some respect.

Old Master Leonard’s face eased a little. He responded and hung up.

Keith laughed lightly. It was a different era now. Old Master Leonard could no longer be tough and force his way on people.

Nicole was not all like those people who were rejected once and would keep pestering them for help.

Keith thought about it and dialed Nicole’s number. Nicole was extremely impatient. “Speak.”

Keith smiled. ’Nicole still answered my call!’ “Ms. Stanton, for the sake of our friendship…” “Stop. When are we friends?”

Nicole asked back with amusement.

She stood in front of the kitchen counter and watched as Clayton washed some vegetables. She originally wanted to come over and help, but before she could, she answered the phone.

Clayton raised his eyebrows. He picked a cheery tomato from the freshly washed pile and stuffed it into Nicole’s mouth.

Nicole muttered, glanced at Clayton, chewed, and swallowed it in a daze.

Keith sensed something. “Is there someone with you?”

Nicole said, ”What big business are you trying to tell me that I can’t have someone with me?”

Keith choked.

He did not mean it this way.

”Uh… Old Master Leonard just called me and asked me to tell you that he’ll greet the authorities to cancel the quality inspection, so you just need to be ready to announce it to the public.”

Nicole suddenly laughed. It was extraordinarily cold.

Even Keith felt that Old Master Leonard was too unreliable.


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