The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1264

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1264 – A Little Abnormal

Autumn swept Logan with a gloomy glance.

“How much is your monthly salary as an assistant? You offend people so easily. Aren’t you afraid that if Nicole doesn’t want you, you’ll have nowhere to go?”

Logan smiled. “Sorry, I’m on an annual salary package and signed a lifetime contract.”

Logan was the only person in Stanton Corporation who had special treatment.

Autumn was furious and looked away, refusing to say another word.

When she arrived at the place, Logan took her to an office and let the female secretary search Autumn’s body.

Autumn did not prepare anything out of the ordinary and came empty-handed. She only had some cosmetics and a phone in her bag.

Only then did Logan take her back on the elevator and go to the floor where Nicole was on.

Logan knocked on the door. When Nicole said “come in”, Logan opened the door and let Autumn in.

He swept a glance at the meeting room and saw only Nicole sitting there and Luca playing games with his head down in the corner, whose presence could be ignored.

Logan did not ask where Clayton went and presumed that Clayton was in the lounge.

Nicole raised her eyes and indifferently swept a glance at Autumn.

“Ms. Ferguson, what’s the matter that you had to repeatedIy barge in here? D id you come to tell me where the reporter is? Would you be so kind?”

There was no hint of politeness in Nicole’s tone.

Nicole did not believe that Autumn took the initiative to come over to her just to help her.

It was a good thing if Autumn did not help out.

Autumn paused. After having her innermost thoughts exposed by Nicole in the bar last time, Autumn seemed to have lost her head start.

The feeling of shame lingered in Autumn’s heart.

She could not think about anything else and only stared at Nicole. Autumn laughed and forced herself to relax.

“What you want most at the moment is to find that reporter, isn’t it?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “So?” “I know where he is,” Autumn said.

Nicole smiled, with a bit of mockery on her face.

“I know that you know, Ms. Ferguson. Do you think that I can’t find out?”

Nicole said as she stroked the rim of the warm coffee cup in front of her. Her slender and delicate fingers traced over it like a work of art.

Nicole’s tone was slow and threatening.

“It’s best that you have nothing to do with this matter. If I do find out anything, I won’t be polite.”

Autumn stiffened fiercely. Her pupils shrank slightly.

She suddenly realized that this matter was not that simple. What Nicole wanted to investigate was not just that reporter’s whereabouts to solve the urgent problem, but she also wanted to know who was actually behind this, and Autumn was very suspicious.

Autumn’s expression changed a few times. She felt like her breathing was unsteady. She was afraid that she would accidentally leak something and get caught by Nicole red- handed.

“Don’t falsely accuse me. I’m just kind enough to remind you, yet you still suspect me? If I really did it, will I come over to tell you the whereabouts of that reporter?”

Autumn was so tough that people could not read her mind.

Nicole smiled and looked at Autumn for a few seconds before she spoke lightly.

“Then tell me…”

Autumn paused. “How could I benefit you just like that?”

Nicole laughed lightly. Sure enough, Autumn had her conditions.

Autumn cleared her throat.

“Do you want to know or not?”

Nicole looked at her. “Is your condition getting me to leave Clayton again? Are you that obsessed with him?”

Hearing that name, Autumn felt annoyed and infuriated in a moment.

The man Autumn looked up to so much at the beginning was mentioned so lightly by Nicole without any care.


That was because Nicole got him and did not care about him.

Autumn fiercely glared at Nicole before she suppressed the anger in her heart and spoke in a cold voice.

“I’m not obsessed. I just feel bad for him. How can such a person fall for you?”

“Anyway, he didn’t fall for you.”

Nicole shrugged her shoulders like a scoundrel.

She was really out to annoy Autumn.


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