The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1263

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1263 – Come To Admit Mistakes

Autumn’s lips trembled as she felt like her pride was being crushed.

Nicole’s assistant treated Autumn like an intruder.

Autumn took a deep breath and fiercely suppressed the resentment in her heart.

She softened her tone.

”I was too impulsive just now, but I really have something to tell her. Let me go in!”

Logan shook his head, unmoved.

”If you don’t leave, the security guards will escort you out.”

Saying that, Logan glanced at the security guards.

The security guards, who were watching from the side, were waiting for instructions.

Autumn gritted her teeth.

”Doesn’t she want to know the whereabouts of that reporter?”

Logan’s gaze flickered. He narrowed his eyes.

Autumn knew that she had mentioned the point of his interest.

This meant that Nicole was also paying attention to this issue.

Autumn paused and spoke smugly.

”I know the whereabouts of that reporter. Tell Nicole that I want to see her, and I’ll only tell her if I see her in person.”

Old Master Leonard was going to compromise anyway.

Before Old Master Leonard compromised, Autumn was adamant about taking something away from Nicole.

By the time she came back to her senses, it was already too late.

Even at the last minute, Autumn did not want to let Nicole get any advantage.

Thus, today was her last chance.

Logan hesitated for a few seconds and withdrew his gaze. He walked to the other side to make a phone call.

Nicole picked up quickly.

“What’s wrong? Is that woman still pestering you and refusing to leave?”

Besides this reason, Nicole could not think of any other. Logan’s tone was gruff.

“President, she said that she’ll only tell you the whereabouts of the reporter when she sees you in person.”

For a moment, Nicole was silent. She felt a little conflicted.

Nicole glanced at Clayton at the side, who had also heard Logan’s words.

Seeing Nicole’s hesitation, Clayton took Nicole’s phone and said in a calm tone, “Logan, get her to come up.”

Logan looked at the phone and thought, ’How did Clayton suddenly answer the phone?’

However, Logan did not think much of it since the two of them were in a relationship, so their words represented each other.


Logan hung up the phone and looked back at Autumn.

“This way, please.”

Autumn sneered. She looked arrogant and was about to walk in after Logan.

“Sorry, we have rules here. Guests can’t bring anything inside.”

Autumn’s footsteps lurched. She glared at Logan fiercely. “What do you mean?”

Logan was very frank.

“A female staff will search your body. Of course, if you think that this request is unreasonable, you can refuse to enter.”

If Autumn was dissatisfied, she did not need to enter. After all, this was not a public place.

Logan could not risk Nicole’s safety.

Autumn’s body became tense. Her face turned red with anger. ’What place is this that they need to do a body search?!’

She clenched her teeth and wanted to k**l this big bully Logan.

However, Logan did not care about anything. He stated the requirements and let Autumn choose at will.

“Please understand that this isn’t a place where anyone can just enter at will.”

Not just anyone could see Nicole either.

Autumn froze in place for a full minute before she pursed her lips and decided to suppress the unhappiness in her heart.

She turned around and let out a cold laugh.

”Nicole’s afraid that I’ll do something to her? Hah! If she’s so scared of d***h, why does she still go around offending people?”

After they got onto the elevator, Logan looked at Autumn.

”There are always some lunatics who are envious of President Nicole. They’re incompetent and only know how to eye other people’s achievements, don’t you think?”

The last three words lightly pierced into Autumn’s heart. It was painful and shameful.


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