The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1256

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Nicole suddenly laughed and stared at Autumn meaningfully.

“Ms. Ferguson, in that case, are you going to help me? As long as I beg you, will you help me?”

Autumn froze for a moment, not expecting Nicole’s attitude to change so quickly.

She paused for a few seconds and lifted her chin.

“Of course, it’s not that simple. I want you to promise me one condition!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Leave Clayton?” All of a sudden.

The sound of the music in the bar seemed to stand still. The noisy drums passed by Autumn’s ears, making her heart tremble.

Autumn felt like her heart missed a beat.

Unexpectedly, Nicole said everything that Autumn was supposed to say, all at once.

The corners of Nicole’s lips held a faint smile as if she was smugly mocking the dirtiness in Autumn’s heart.

Nicole had seen through by Autumn.

For a moment, Autumn felt like she was stripped n***d in full view of the public.

Obviously, Autumn was the one who controlled the situation before, but now, Nicole was in control.

Autumn looked at Nicole stiffly. Autumn’s voice was cold as she said, “For you, it’s just a change of person. It

shouldn’t be difficult, right?”

She braced herself and still said what was in her heart.

“People like you are surrounded by an end less stream of men. You think that you were once hurt in a relationship, so the whole world has to revolve around you. Not to mention the young hunks in showbiz you’ve appeared around, even Eric fell for you. Are you so proud of this? Does a person like you even deserve Clayton? He isn’t someone you can play around with. I advise you to find someone else!”

Nicole heard the tension in Autumn’s tone and could not help but laugh.

She wondered what Clayton’s expression would be if he heard these words.

Would Clayton persuade Nicole to leave him?

Nicole laughed lightly. Her voice was indifferent and nonchalant. “Ms. Ferguson, I hope you understand that Clayton was the one who clung to me first, so I agreed to date him. If I’m not worthy of Clayton, are you worthy?”

Nicole’s eyes wandered around as she scrutinized Autumn, who was just mediocre in appearance and less than 1.6 meters tall.

Nicole wondered where Autumn got the confidence to say these words.

She felt that even if they were to compete based on their face, she could beat Autumn in seconds!

Nicole’s gaze was more lethal than her words.

She shattered Autumn’s self-esteem slowly. Autumn’s face slowly turned white.

Nicole even began to pity her.

She also felt bored since Autumn was so easily defeated.

Nicole turned around and was about to leave.

Suddenly, she thought of something and looked back at Autumn.

“Ms. Ferguson, you reminded me. You wanted to be involved in this incident so much. Do you have a connection with the mastermind behind this matter?”

Nicole was straightforward.

Suddenly, the blood drained from Autumn’s face. Autumn’s gaze fiercely shook.

Nicole caught this second of tension on Autumn’s face.

She smiled and did not wait for an answer, then just turned around and left.

Autumn was also considered a member of the Ferguson family.

Nicole thought about it and suddenly had a lead.

As soon as Nicole went out, she called Logan. “Go find out which company Autumn works for.”

Looking at Nicole’s back, Autumn suddenly felt weak in the legs. She could not stand anymore and fell on the sofa next to her.

Autumn did not understand why the moment when Nicole questioned her, she did not even have the strength to lie.

It was as if Nicole’s eyes could see through all her innermost thoughts.

A burst of cold fear slowly rose from the back.

’No, I can’t let Nicole know about this.’ Autumn thought. She gritted her teeth, took out her phone, found a number,

and dialed it.

“Hide that reporter and don’t show your face.”

As long as Nicole could not find the reporter, she would not have any evidence that linked Autumn to this matter.

Then, Autumn would be able to retreat unscathed.


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