The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1253

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1253 – He’s Unlucky

Nicole raised her eyes and seemed a little surprised, but she quickly recovered her expression.

“Mr. Cook, it isn’t easy to sit in your position. Even if someone sits in it, they may not be able to sit firmly. These things didn’t happen because of your incompetence, but you’re just unlucky. Don’t think of running away. Think about how to solve this!”

Jacob’s eyes suddenly felt warm. A big man like him almost cried from the few words this lady said.

Her attitude compared to yesterday was a lot nicer.

Jacob thought that Nicole would blame him. Nicole’s attitude represented the entire Stanton Corporation.

Rather than getting fired after this matter, Jacob thought that it was better to take the initiative himself. At least then, he could still have some decency.

With the matter escalating to this point, Jacob was just shy from a mental breakdown.

However, Nicole’s attitude was surprisingly completely different from what he imagined it to be.

Although Nicole did not say any comforting words, she understood that this was not easy for Jacob.

She did not show any intention of holding him accountable either.

At once, Jacob’s expression changed a few times as he stood there.

“I’ve brought such a great loss to the company. I’m afraid that everyone…”

Nicole lifted her eyelids and said in an indifferent tone, ” The loss can be earned back again. Everyone will understand, considering the current situation in Sand City. I can ignore the few shareholders’ opinions because they’re fundamentally useless in this matter, especially compared to you, Mr. Cook.”

Jacob looked at Nicole for a long time. The corners of his lips twitched slightly as he desperately suppressed his emotions.

She said it very frankly. Even if the shareholders in the company had an opinion, so what?

Nicole had the final say.

There was no use even if they had an opinion.

Jacob gritted his teeth and looked at her firmly. “Ms. Stanton, don’t worry. As long as the company still needs me, I’ll go all out to follow through with this project.”

Nicole nodded and looked at Logan. “Two cups of coffee please.”

Logan nodded and turned around to go out. He then came back with two cups of coffee.

Jacob hurriedly stood up and took his own cup. Logan was considered senior management in the company, so Jacob could not enjoy his service so freely.

Nicole lowered her head and silently sipped the coffee while looking at the iPad in her hand. She was scrolling through the webpage.

This matter had been ongoing for a few days.

Although the public relations team arrived in Sand City, Nicole did not authorize any action.

It was not the best time for PR to make a statement. Before the afternoon.

Logan hurriedly went over. “Ms. Stanton, the owners of the first phase of the project are all gathered together and ready to protest.”

Nicole looked up.


“From what I heard, they intend to start tomorrow.”

Nicole was silent for a few seconds. Her face gradually went cold.

At that moment, she stopped waiting.

She originally wanted to wait for the reporter to come forward himself, but the matter at hand seemed to be more urgent.

“Have the public relations department get ready to release a statement by 5:00 pm today. To reassure the homeowners, we will voluntarily stop work and accept quality inspection by the relevant authorities. We will also randomly select the Phase 1 owners as witnesses. In

addition, during this period, if any owners want to return the house they have purchased, we will refund the full amount.”

Logan looked up at her in shock.

“President, this is something that never happened before in the industry.”

Once they refunded the owners, the house would become a second-hand house and would be worthless.

If they set this precedent, everyone who bought a house would want to return it, and the people who bought the house that was refunded would also be discontented. Jacob also looked shocked.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Don’t worry. Make sure it’s clearly written that once the house is returned, the same owner will not be able to buy any property under Stanton Corporation again. Also, we’ll give a 5% discount to those who want to buy the refunded house, but this is only limited to the quality inspection period. Once the quality inspection is over, the refund scheme will end.”


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