The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1251

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1251 – What Do You Still Want?

Nicole got dressed and came out. Her phone rang again.

She thought it was Eric again, so she was very annoyed when she picked up the call.

”What do you still want?”

The other party was silent for a few seconds before a warm voice came through.

“Who made our princess angry just now?” It was Clayton’s voice.

Nicole was stunned and suddenly remembered that she had not had time to contact Clayton all day, so he would call her before going to bed.

Suddenly, she felt like her emotions were too out of control.

“An insignificant person. You’re still awake?”

Clayton was still hung up on it.

”How could an insignificant person make you so angry? Who is it?”

Clayton did not fall for it at all.

Nicole was silent for a moment before she answered, “Eric Ferguson.”

She immediately felt annoyed about the matter, so she retold everything to Clayton.

Clayton was silent for a few seconds and did not speak.

Nicole thought that Clayton was upset, so she called out to him tentatively.

“Mr. Sloan, are you still listening? You should at least give a response, right? Otherwise, I’ll just sound so dumb complaining to myself.”

Clayton let out a light laugh. His voice was clear and clean.

“Sorry, I was just thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

Hearing nothing strange in his tone, Nicole was relieved. “Thinking about who really did it.”

“We’ll know once we catch that reporter!”

When Nicole mentioned it, she just wanted to skin that reporter alive. If she managed to catch that reporter, she would not let him off easily.

After a while.

Clayton chuckled. “Do you think it’s a business competition or a personal grudge?”

Nicole froze for a moment, not having thought about this question.

However, when Clayton mentioned it, she had a vague speculation in her mind.

Nicole felt muddled from this vague feeling.

“What do you think?”

Clayton analyzed the situation. “In Sand City, this project is extremely valued, and all departments have given the green light to it. After all, everyone knows that the benefits and changes brought by this project will be the key to the city’s development. The best time to stop this project is before the signing. So, if it’s a business competition, it’s a little too late now…”

Nicole was shaken. “You think it’s a personal grudge?”

Clayton spoke in a light voice.

“Mhmm… There’s no evidence, but it’s more likely to be a grudge. Perhaps someone who’s stationed in Sand City has offended someone?”

Clayton did not say that it was Nicole directly, but she was smart, so she would surely guess it.

Nicole was silent and did not say anything.

She admitted that she was like a headless chicken bumping around without any direction or goal.

Nicole had offended a fair share of people, but there were not many people who had the power to retaliate.

“It’s okay. Don’t think too much now. Get a good night’s sleep.”

Clayton seemed to sense Nicole’s heavy mood and comforted her.

“That person won’t be hiding forever for the sake of name or profit. As for the regulatory department’s quality inspection, they just want to stop the public from going into an uproar. For now, it‘s better to let the company’s public relations step in to solve it.”

Clayton did not retreat because it was Stanton Corporation’s internal matter.

On the contrary, he was very active in solving Nicole’s problems.

Clayton was willing to be involved in every single thing Nicole did.

Nicole blinked her eyes and felt that she was really sleepy. “Okay then, I’m going to bed. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, baby.”

Once Nicole heard Clayton’s words, her face turned red, but Clayton had already hung up.

Her heart, which had been heavy all night, suddenly felt a lot more relieved.

Nicole lay in bed and felt sleepiness instantly overwhelming her consciousness. Surprisingly, she did not lose sleep because of this big problem.


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