The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1250

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1250 – Disassociate

Floyd shook his head with a glum face.

“That old Leonard knows what to do. He’s very shrewd and likes to expand his network. He especially likes to establish his superiority among the younger generation.”

The butler thought about it and said, “Chairman, I think there’s no rush. Ms. Stanton has only been there for a day. With her ability, she can solve this matter without relying on the Leonard family.”

Floyd raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “You believe in her so much?”

The butler smiled. His loving gaze flickered. “Of course! I watched her grow up, so I trust in her ability.”

Floyd was pleased by these words and could not help but smile proudly. He looked at Mr. Anderson and said, “You say it like you’re her father. I trust her more than you do!”

The butler said, “Then don’t worry so much. If she really encounters something that she can’t solve, she’ll naturally come back and ask for help. Our young lady isn’t someone who makes things difficult for herself!”

Floyd nodded repeatedly. His expression obviously relaxed a lot. “You have a point. I was just blindly overthinking it. She must have a way. I’ll back her up at the end!”

The butler smiled and turned around to give Floyd a new cup of hot tea.

Nicole returned to the hotel, changed into a silk robe to take a bath.

Logan was considerate and meticulous in his work. Since they came in a hurry, Logan got the big-name brands to send over some clothes for various occasions at the last minute.

Lying in the fragrant environment, Nicole felt a little drowsy and tired from the smell of essential oils.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, her phone rang.

Nicole reached out to the side to pick up her phone. It was Eric.

She wrinkled her brow and hesitated for a few seconds before picking up impatiently.

“Something wrong?”

If it was not for Eric’s help in Liberty, Nicole would not even bother to take his call at this time.

Eric paused. His tone was somewhat cold. “Something went wrong with the project in Sand City?” He sounded like he was discussing a business matter.

Nicole woke up from her sleepiness and pursed her lips.

“Did that big mouth Keith tell you that? You two really aren’t dating?”

The two of them were simply a matching g*y couple.

Eric did not hear Nicole’s mocking tone. He was quite serious as he said, “This matter has nothing to do with Ferguson Corporation.”

Nicole laughed. “You want to disassociate yourself from this? There’s no need to be in such a hurry. We’ll know once I have it all checked out.”

“I advise you not to waste time on me.”

Eric rubbed his temples, knowing that she misunderstood his intention.

“I had someone check on Ferguson Corporation’s middle and senior management. None of them has contacted Sand City, and there’s no motive.”

“Then perhaps it’s just an ordinary employee?” Nicole refused to relent.

Eric said, “Do you think that an ordinary employee has the ability and capacity to go against Stanton Corporation and not be discovered?”

Nicole was silent.

She also knew it was impossible, but if it was not the middle or senior management…

Nicole bit her lower lip. The warm water vapor made her chest a little suffocated.

“Solving this matter is most important. I’ll talk to Old Master Leonard…”

Before Eric could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Nicole’s cold voice.

“No need. I might as well count on myself. I’ve already seen his intentions. You don’t need to interfere in this matter. Otherwise, don’t blame me for losing my temper.”

After saying that, Nicole hung up the phone without hesitation.

Tonight, Nicole returned without achieving her purpose. If Eric used his relationship to make Old Master Leonard change his mind, then her name would be completely inseparable from Eric’s in the circle.

Nicole had not yet reached the point of needing to tie herself to others in order to solve the problem.

Although Nicole was dubious, she still believed what Eric said.

If Eric said that it was not Ferguson Corporation’s people, it was time to change direction.

Who actually instigated that reporter to do this?


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