The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1249

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1249 – Ms. Stanton Is Very Angry

Keith paused. ’Eric can still sleep in such an urgent situation?!’

“Ferg, something big has happened!”

Originally, this matter was not worth telling Eric, but once it involved Ferguson Corporation and with Eric’s sensitivity to Nicole, Keith felt that this matter could be even more precarious than he imagined.


Eric’s tone was cold, decisive, and harsh.

Keith said, “Stanton Corporation’s project in Sand City was recently sabotaged by someone. Nicole found out that the person who sabotaged them is someone from Ferguson Corporation.”

The phone suddenly went silent after Keith said that. There was not even the sound of breathing.

Keith looked at his phone strangely and double-checked that he was still on the call.

“Ferg, are you listening?”

Eric suppressed his emotions. “What do you mean? My people?” Keith gritted his teeth.

“The person she found isn’t some middle or upper management. I’m guessing that he’s just out to cause trouble, but he has something to do with Ferguson Corporation. Ms. Stanton was very furious tonight. She was rejected by Old Master Leonard and was annoyed by me. That’s why she just blurted this out.”

Eric’s sleepiness completely faded. His voice was deep and extremely cold.

“Tell me what happened and everything she said, word for word.”

After Keith’s embellishment, Nicole’s original words were definitely not the same anymore.

Keith immediately felt aggrieved and started to question his communication skills. ’Did I not summarize it properly?’

However, hearing Eric’s threatening voice, Keith dared not refute and had no choice but to retell the events of the night in detail.

Of course, Keith omitted the reason that Autumn and Nicole argued was because of that man, Clayton Sloan.

Keith was afraid that Eric would be furious when he found out.

Finally, Keith added in a weak voice, “In fact, I suspect that the mastermind behind this should also be Ferguson Corporation’s people, but Nicole didn’t say it explicitly, so I guess that she hasn’t found out yet…”

After that, Eric did not reply and hung up on Keith.

Keith was speechless and thought, ’Anyway, I did my best. The rest depends on Eric’s own ability. Come to think of it, the person who made this fuss will end up very miserable. Old Master Leonard too…’

In the car, Nicole closed her eyes, pretending to sleep.

Nicole needed time to digest what she saw and heard tonight. She also felt nauseated from it all.

Luca could tell that Nicole was not in a good mood, so he did not say anything.

When Floyd messaged Luca as usual asking about Nicole’s daily life, Luca replied very seriously.

“Ms. Stanton is in a bad mood. The Leonard family has an ulterior motive.”

Floyd had a lot of trust in Luca. Besides Grant and Nicole, only Luca knows all the company’s business secrets.

Thus, when Luca replied to his message, Floyd did not question it.

Floyd sat in the study and lost the mood to go fishing. He then sat in the living room for a while without moving.

Mr. Anderson took a cup of tea over to Floyd and surveyed for a while.

“Chairman, are you in a bad mood? Do you want me to put a few big fish in the lake?”

Floyd stared at the butler speechlessly and snorted coldly.

“Someone wants to make things difficult for my daughter. How can a few fish make me feel better?”

Mr. Anderson froze for a moment. “Right. That person has to be taught a lesson!”

Floyd responded with approval. He sat there with a stern and cold expression with a somewhat heavy heart.

“That old Leonard is bullying Nicole. He forgot that he only relies on his huge family background to keep his business. How dare he bully my daughter?!”

The butler paused, stood aside to ponder for a few seconds, and suddenly remembered something.

“It’s unexpected that the Leonard family refuses to help. Perhaps he thinks that Ms. Stanton is too young and wants

to show his superiority for you to call him personally?”


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