The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1236

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1236 Simply Terrible

Clayton said, “I’ll go with you. I’m really worried about you being alone!”

Nicole laughed. “I’m going there for business. How can I take my family with me? My employees will laugh at me. You just relax and wait for me here. I’ll call you often…”

Logan wanted to cover his ears.

He found that after Nicole started dating Clayton, she was acting less and less like a domineering president.

Instead, Nicole acted like a teenage girl in love.

Clayton seemed to be pleased by the word “family” and agreed to whatever she said, his mind was spinning so much that he could not tell left from right.

He smiled and responded, “Okay. I’ll see you off then?”

Nicole sternly refused.

“No need. We’ll be leaving soon…”

Logan already packed up a few simple pieces of clothing from her cloakroom and packed them inside her small suitcase.

Then, he carried the important documents and laptop and waited outside for Nicole to come out.

Nicole grinned at Logan.

“Thanks, Logan!”

Logan was flattered. “Don’t mention it, Ms. Stanton. The car is already waiting downstairs. Shall we go?”

Nicole nodded and followed Logan downstairs and into the car.

Logan had already arrived at the car and nodded in greeting when he saw Nicole.

The car was quiet.

Logan called Jacob’s number.

“Mr. Cook, Ms. Stanton will be right there. How’s the situation over there?”

Jacob sounded anxious.

“Ms. Stanton, the project was going very well. The first phase was successfully completed, but unexpectedly, the building materials in the warehouse were suddenly exposed to formaldehyde pollution before the second phase could start.”

Nicole’s face was cold and solemn. “Tell me the truth. Is there a problem with your materials or not?”

Jacob sighed and spoke in a very certain tone.

“No, there really isn’t. Our building materials are completely in accordance with the national standards of non-polluting materials. They’ve all been tested before being sent to the warehouse. I don’t know why we’re suddenly being

accused now. The relevant departments have begun to investigate. The media also caught wind of it. The houses i n the first phase sold like hotcakes, but now, many owners are asking for a refund…”

It sounded like the situation was not good at all. It was simply terrible!

Nicole’s expression darkened slightly. “Prepare all the invoices and information of the materials, including where they’re bought from. I want to look through these as soon a s I arrive. Get the initial quality inspection report as well.”

Jacob had been working in Stanton Corporation for many years, and this project was considered one of the more significant projects he handled.

He would not dare to make any moves on this project. In other words, the problem was elsewhere.

“Also, where did news about this come from?”

Jacob was silent for a few moments.

“An anonymous reporter interviewed a construction worker. The worker drank too much and said something that shouldn’t be said, and the reporter clung to that point and exposed the matter. It’s only a small-scale exposure for now. If the authorities really want us to stop operations for an inspection, we’ll sustain heavy losses, and our reputation will also be damaged…”

Everything was going well, but once there were falsehoods about such sensitive information, they would be unable to make up for the large economic losses. That was also putting aside the damage to Stanton Corporation’s reputation.

The delayed work schedule would make them lose a considerable amount of money.

Nicole paused. ”Can that reporter be contacted?”


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