The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1231

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1231 Exposed S*****l

In order to celebrate Harvey’s skyrocketing commercial value, Nicole invited Clayton out for lunch.

Clayton was very busy lately and basically disappeared during the day. He did not come home until very late at night, so they had missed each other several days in a row.

Nicole suddenly thought of him because Sully mentioned this matter and told Nicole to express his dissatisfaction with Clayton.

Clayton had not answered Sully’s phone calls for several days.

Nicole gladly agreed.

She thought she arrived at the private kitchen ten minutes early and that Clayton was not there yet.

However, when she went in, she saw that Clayton was already sitting inside.

She pushed the door and raised an eyebrow.

“How did you come here so early when you’re so busy?”

Clayton smiled and looked at her with warm eyes.

“Of course, I can’t be late for lunch with you.”

Nicole looked at the time. “It’s still ten minutes before our appointment. When did you arrive?”

Clayton said, “I only came half an hour early.” Nicole was speechless.

It was far beyond her comprehension.

Clayton hung her coat on the shelf, put her bag to the side,

and helped pull out a chair for her.

“Have a seat. I ordered some of your favorite dishes. Take a look and see what else you want to order.”

Nicole looked at the menu. There was nothing else, and they already ordered a lot for the two of them.

“This is enough. Sully has been complaining to me recently that you don’t answer his phone calls anymore.”

Clayton smiled with an indifferent expression.

“It’s fine. I don’t usually answer his calls anyway. If you find i t annoying, just block him.”

Nicole’s eyes widened in shock. ’Can I do that?’

“Don’t think that you owe him just because he gave Harvey a chance. You’re one of the shareholders and don’t owe him anything. In any case, Harvey already achieved his goal.”

Clayton suddenly laughed as he spoke.

“When you called me, you said it was to celebrate Harvey’s success. If I may ask, did you not invite him to his own celebration lunch?”

The two of them were celebrating like this without Harvey’s knowledge?

Nicole smiled and nodded.

“If you really want to meet him, I’ll call him and tell him to come over now.”

Nicole spoke and pretended to pick up her phone.

Clayton moved gently to take her phone away and smiled. “I don’t want to meet him.”

’Am I crazy? Why would I want to meet another man?’

Clayton thought.

Although Clayton did not feel the pressure of competition a t the moment, he could not let go of any potential danger.

When food was served, Clayton busied himself with serving Nicole food while asking if she encountered anything off recently.

Eric had hidden the news very well.

However, there were too many people during the incident that happened that night, so it was hard to guarantee that news would not leak out.

Thus, Clayton did not dare to be careless at all.

Nicole smiled as she listened to his barrage of questions and laughed at his fussiness.

“Don’t worry too much. This is Mediania. No matter how powerful the Sloan family is, they can’t reach their hands over here.”

Clayton glanced at her and handed over the bowl of soup i n his hand.

“It’s been many years, but the Sloan family still has roots here. I’m just worried about my father. He’s willing to give u p everything for Isaac. He might really come to Mediania to cause trouble for you.”

Nicole snorted coldly and wiped her mouth.

“Then let him come. We still don’t know who will win or lose. Besides, is Quavon dumb? Isaac’s p*******d. Will the Sloan family continue to let a p*******d person be the heir?”

As she spoke, the voice of an unfamiliar woman suddenly came from the side.

“Mr. Sloan…”


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