The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1228

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1228 Childish

The Stanton family could not seal the mouths of everyone who saw Nicole, let alone deliberately erase all traces of her.

That was because the preparations they made had always been for a confrontation.

It was strange.

Nicole frowned, and a doubt flashed in her mind, but she felt that it was impossible. ’Why would Eric meddle in other people’s business?’

Grant sat there with a cold and solemn face. No one knew what he was thinking.


After lunch, Nicole ignored Floyd’s request for her to stay and insisted on leaving with Clayton.

She was on her own turf. What was there to be afraid of?

On the road.

Clayton drove and smiled when he saw that Nicole was lost in thought. His eyes were very warm.

“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing. Just curious about who would meddle.”

Clayton paused before speaking in a light tone.

”Is there a need to think about it? It must be Mr. Ferguson…”

Nicole looked at Clayton in shock.

Clayton’s side profile was so handsome and affectionate. His facial features were deep and protruding. He had an indescribable light temperament.

“After you went to Liberty, the only person you met who has such power and ability is Eric Ferguson. Besides him, who else can easily clean up this mess?”

Nicole frowned as Clayton voiced out the name that she had guessed in her heart.

It really was Eric.

That feeling was very intense.

Yes, apart from Eric, no one else would do this.

Clayton sighed. “He stole the show again. What a bummer.”

Hearing the jealousy and regret in Clayton’s tone, Nicole clicked her tongue.

“It’s just a guess. Is he that kind?”

Clayton smiled and suddenly became happy.

“Although I don’t want to admit that he’s kind, if he were to hear you say that, he’d d*e of anger on the spot…”

“Clayton, you’re really getting more childish!”

Nicole looked at Clayton before turning away, pondering whether she should call Eric or not.

There were a few seconds of silence.

Clayton spoke. “Why don’t you call him to thank him?” Nicole pursed her lips. “Do I have to?”

“Of course. Mr. Ferguson helped you out of the kindness in his heart. We can’t pretend that we’re unaware and just accept his kindness for nothing. No matter what, he did help us, so we owe him a favor.”

Clayton spoke and took out his phone.

“Should I call?”

Nicole frowned and took his phone. ’You focus on driving. I’ll call…”

Clayton smiled. “Yeah, he might not answer a call from me anyway…”

Nicole rolled her eyes.

She took out her phone, found Eric’s number, and clicked on it.

In less than two rings, Eric picked up. “Hello? Nicole?”

Eric seemed to be in a meeting. The noisy conference room instantly became quiet.

Nicole paused and realized that right now, it was probably not yet noon in Liberty.

“Are you free? I’ll call you back later if you’re busy.” “I’m free. What’s the matter?”

Eric suppressed his inner excitement. His voice still sounded calm and collected.

The people in the conference room were just heatedly discussing whether the program should go ahead or not. With a gesture from Eric, everyone instantly quieted down. Countless eyes were fixed on Eric’s direction.

His originally dark and sullen face instantly became gentle, and even his gaze carried a few hints of joy.

There was a smile that they had never seen on Eric’s face ever since he came here.

Eric stood up as he spoke and walked out of the conference room with his long legs.


Eric stood on the 33rd floor of the tall building overlooking everything. All the cars and people below became small and insignificant.

Eric did not hear Nicole speak for a long time. He tugged on his collar and urged her.

“Did you want to say something…?”


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