The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1227

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Nicole walked over and subconsciously took his arm, but Clayton suddenly dodged at the last second, so she only grabbed air.

She was speechless.

Nicole looked at Clayton in shock.

This was the first time Clayton refused her initiative.

Clayton coughed twice and looked at the person in front of him awkwardly, smiling.

“Please go ahead, Chairman Stanton…”

Clayton extended his hand in gesture.

Nicole subconsciously looked up to see Floyd’s dark eyes glaring at her.

Floyd thought, ’This no-good daughter! Does she not want her dozens of suitors and male fans anymore?’

Nicole sheepishly withdrew her hand and turned to take Floyd’s arm.

She smiled. “Daddy, please take a seat…”

Floyd snorted coldIy and turned around to leave. He did not want to pay attention to her.

The butler watched from the side and laughed. The house was rarely this lively. If only Kai was here as well…

The meal was considered lively, and they video-called Kai halfway. It was nighttime where he was. Kai looked listless, probably because he just finished rehearsals.

Kai gave a deadpan expression when he saw that they were eating all his favorite dishes.

After a few words, Grant suddenly thought of something and took the phone over with a serious look.

“Kai, be careful over there. Keep an eye out on your safety.” Kai was puzzled. “Huh?”

Grant briefly explained what happened, and Kai’s expression changed a few times.

“So, I’m also in danger now? Are you guys gonna send some bodyguards over to protect me? Why don’t you build me a bulletproof villa as well? In the meantime, I want a theater inside the villa…”

Floyd could not bear to continue listening and put down his fork.

“Hang up and let him fend for himself. We already said what was needed.”

Grant nodded and hung up the call in agreement. “Dad… My dear father!”

Kai yelled, but it was already too late. Grant hung up the phone decisively.

Nicole laughed on the side.

Clayton paused. “If we’re being this careful, wouldn’t Maverick be in danger as well?”

There was a moment of silence in the dining hall. Grant spoke.

“Don’t worry about him. His secret research institute is in some special forces base. Even if the Sloan family mobilizes forces from Liberty, they might not be able to find him.”

Clayton nodded, and Nicole let out a low laugh.

“I wonder if Isaac is d**d already?”

Just as Nicole was speculating, Floyd’s phone rang upstairs in his study.

He paused for a few seconds, wiped his hands, and went up to answer the phone personally.

Not long after, Floyd came down slowly.

“There’s news about him. Isaac isn’t d**d, but his lower body is p*******d, and he has cerebellar damage. He’ll be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life…”

Floyd had been in the industry for many years, so he had his own information channels even in Liberty.

The Sloan family must have hidden this matter deeply, but Floyd found out about it before it was exposed.

Clayton immediately had more admiration for Floyd. It was just as expected of the Stanton family.

Floyd paused and sat back in his seat, frowning slightly.

“But it’s strange. The Sloan family didn’t seem to have found out who did it. They’ve started to offer a reward of $100 million for clues. I heard that many people have already gone over to offer their advice, but those clues came from all over the place, so there’s no accurate direction to pursue. It was as if all traces of Nicole had been deliberately erased…”

Floyd paused and looked grave.

Although this was a good thing for Nicole, the Stanton family’s influence did not reach that far.


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