The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1222

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1222 Fawning Nicole

Clayton stated those words that should have been a very tragic experience like they were mere facts.

However, his casual attitude caught the others by surprise.

Nicole looked at Clayton and felt heartbroken.

Nicole threw Isaac to the door of the Sloan family residence like she was tossing out a bag of garbage because she wanted to tell the Sloan family that Isaac was useless.

She just wanted to vent her anger.

More than that, she wanted to vent for Clayton.

Why should such a good person like him be abandoned and scorned by the Sloan family?

Grant’s eyes sank slightly. His thin lips were pursed. He seemed to be thinking of something.

Floyd reacted very quickly and looked at Clayton with sympathy, feeling genuine heartbreak for him.

“It’s been hard on you, Clayton. They’ll definitely find out about us, but they can’t reach us here. Grant still has influence in the business world, so there’s no need to worry. In private, I’ll also assign a few more bodyguards for Nicole’s safety. However, you were dragged into this. They’ll definitely retaliate against you…”

After all, most of the people who went there at that time were Clayton’s men.

There was no chance for Clayton to play innocent.

There was no guarantee that the Sloan family would not go crazy and do something because of Isaac.

Clayton smiled calmly.

“Don’t worry, Chairman Stanton. I’m already prepared. I grew up there, so I know the Sloans very well. It won’t be that easy for them to touch me.”

Floyd nodded, but he was still worried.

He had not fought the Sloan family before, so he did not know what they were capable of.

Who knew what tactics they had?

Nicole looked at him and smiled. “Don’t be so worried. If the Sloan family dares to reach out, just chop their hands She used the calmest voice to say the most ruthless words. This was the Stanton family’s territory.

Their forces were deep-rooted and spread widely. They did not just call the shots in the business world.

Nicole knew very well what path Grant had taken. She almost went in as well, but she was dragged out by him.

She only made brief contact with that world, but she knew that it was not simple.

Whether it was good or bad, Nicole did not care about that. Grant looked at Nicole and curled his lips silently.

Floyd looked at her speechlessly.

“Don’t be careless lest someone finds you. Get Luca to follow you in the future and let him be your bodyguard. I’ll only be at ease if he’s with you.”

Nicole paused. Luca had stayed with her during the time she was staying with Eric at Imperial Gardens. It had been a long time since she saw Luca.

Floyd gave Nicole his most trusted bodyguard, so Nicole naturally did not refuse.

“Okay. Luca is ruthless but doesn’t talk much. He’s good.”

At this point, there was nothing much to worry about. They just had to deal with the situation as it progressed.

Aida carried the dessert over. “Try the jelly. The butler said that it’s Lil N’s favorite and had it specially made.”

Nicole stood up excitedly.

She could not help but raise her voice and shouted in the direction of the kitchen.

“Thank you to the best butler in the world!”

Clayton was stunned, but the others seemed used to Nicole’s fawning look.

Everyone took a cup and tasted it.

The butler’s laughter rang from the kitchen in response.

“You’re welcome, the most beautiful young lady in the world…”

Clayton was stunned again.

Aida laughed and explained.

“Mr. Anderson has always worked for the Stanton family and watched Lil N grow up. They’re very close.”

Floyd laughed.

“That’s right. Her grades were terrible when she was in elementary school, but when the teacher asked to see her parents, she didn’t dare to find me and called Mr.

Anderson her dad. If not for the fact that the teacher knew me, she would’ve mistaken Mr. Anderson as a kidnapper and sent him to the police station…”


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