The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1206

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1206 Cultivate Feelings

Nicole gave her a thumbs up.

Naomi clicked her tongue, sat in a chair, and casually draped a blanket over her. She looked casual yet s**y.

She sat there and lit a cigarette, taking a drag before turning her head and asking Nicole.

“I saw a picture of that pretty boy. Is he the one you have your eye on?”

Nicole digested it for a while before realizing that the ” pretty boy” she was referring to was most likely Harvey.

“No, he’s an image spokesperson that our company is about to sign on. He wasn’t that popular in the past, so we want to rub off some of your international fame!”

Naomi chuckled. “So that’s how it is. Since he’s not bad looking, feel free to do so.”

Nicole smiled, knowing that Naomi would not refuse.

However, she still took out the contract agreement that she prepared long ago from her bag.

’this is a small island I bought earlier. I already told someone to clean it up. Don’t you like to go on vacation? Go there and help me see how the scenery on that island is.”

Since it was a private island, no one else could enter unless they got Nicole’s permission.

Naomi took it in surprise and kissed the document in her hand fiercely.

“Twenty years of residency?! Nicole, you’re much more generous than those annoying men!”

Nicole basically gave her the island.

There was not much difference.

Nicole laughed and calmly sat down on the side.

”Tomorrow is the shooting. Do you want to meet your partner in the evening?”

Naomi said, “Of course. I like to cultivate feelings in advance!”

Nicole made an okay gesture with her hand and called Harvey, telling him to meet them at the restaurant on the top floor.

Naomi was persuaded by Nicole to change into clothes that had more fabric.

Nicole really did not want to make headlines with Naomi in that way.

When they arrived at the restaurant on the top floor, Harvey was already waiting there, leaning against the window seat.

The snow fluttered and fell outside. Harvey sat in the dim light and looked out the window, his whole person shrouded in a layer of an indescribably melancholic feel.

There were no other guests in the restaurant. Logan must have booked out the restaurant for tonight.

Naomi and Nicole stood at the door in shock as they looked in Harvey’s direction.

It seemed like neither of them could bear to disturb him while he was admiring the snow.

That kind of beauty was extremely fragile.

However, the waiter next to him noticed the arrival of the two women and walked over to ask.

“Hello, do you have a reservation?” Nicole smiled. “Yes, he’s waiting there…”

She touched Naomi’s arm and walked over.

Harvey heard their footsteps, turned around, and stood up, nodding slightly.

“Ms. Stanton…”

Nicole nodded and pointed to Naomi behind her. “You should know who this is. She’s Naomi!”

Harvey nodded modestly. “Of course I do. She’s an international superstar.”

He extended his hand, and Naomi shook it. When he tried to pull back, Naomi did not let go.

Naomi raised her brows. ’You just know me? Don’t you like me too?”

A trace of awkwardness flashed on Harvey’s face. “Of course I do. There’s no one who doesn’t like you.” “Then what do you like about me?”

Judging by her flirtatious manner, Naomi seemed to have taken a liking to Harvey.

Her demeanor was intentionally seductive.

Nicole sighed helplessly and walked to the side to sit down. “Naomi, don’t scare him…”

Naomi very reluctantly let go of his hand and could not help but laugh.

“He’s quite innocent…”

Harvey lowered his head to hide his expression.

Nicole rolled her eyes. ’One boyfriend a day… Is her old habit acting up again?’


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