The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1204

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1204 Ex-Wife

Eric guessed. He did not hear anyone else earlier.

Nicole was most likely only followed by Logan.

Otherwise, she would not have gotten in the wrong car.

It was fate.

Nicole took a sip of coffee. As she swallowed the warm liquid, the heat immediately spread through her limbs, making her feel like her whole body came to life.

Since Eric did not say anything excessive and they were still business partners, she naturally would not make things too stiff.

Nicole smiled politely and detachedly. “The others came earlier. Logan and I were delayed by work until today.”

After a pause, she spoke again. “Thank you for driving me, Mr. Ferguson.”

Eric’s gaze was deep. The corners of his mouth twitched, but he said nothing and looked in the other direction.

Nicole was relieved.

She felt like Eric was being strange as if he became another person. Maybe he just turned back into the person he originally was.

It was good.

He drove her away from his world.

The car was silent for fifteen minutes.

The car stopped at the Capitol. Nicole was about to get out without saying a word, but Eric called out to her.

“Let’s have dinner together?”

Nicole raised her brows. “I’m on a business trip, so I’m very busy. Sorry.”

Eric did not continue to speak and fell silent. The chill around him had gotten slightly heavier.

Mitchell naturally had the self-awareness of being an assistant. Ms. Stanton was an esteemed person, so how could he let her open the door herself?

He immediately jumped out of the car and went to the other side to open the door. He placed his hand under the roof, thoughtful and careful in every way.

“Take care, Ms. Stanton.”

Nicole smiled and bent down to get out of the car quickly.

Even with high heels on, it did not affect her bold and natural beauty at all.

“Thank you, Mitchell. Goodbye.”

Mitchell nodded extremely politely and watched her walk into the building. He only closed the car door after he saw Logan, who had been waiting there for a long time.

The client inside the car finally could not help but ask, “Mr. Ferguson, that lady just now was…”

Eric’s lips were pursed, and his tone was cold and depressed. “My ex-wife.”

The client’s expression changed a few times. He wanted nothing more than to bite off his own tongue.

“Oh, what an elegant woman…”

He knew nothing about Eric’s relationship history, but looking at the way these two interacted, he knew that they did not get along.

“President, are we going back to the hotel now for the meeting?”

Mitchell got into the car and took out his phone, telling the people to set up the equipment. If everything went well, they would arrive at the location in ten minutes.

As a qualified assistant, Mitchell had to control even the time that was spent on the road.

Eric looked up. His dark gaze swept Mitchell a very light glance.

“Are you still familiar with her?”

Mitchell’s movements froze. He immediately knew who Eric was referring to.

“No, President.”

Speaking too much would only increase the chances of him saying something wrong. Thus, it was better to not say anything in the first place.

The reason why Nicole’s attitude toward Mitchell was still warm was that Mitchell did not offend or look down on her when she was humble and lowly in the past.

However, Mitchell could not say that directly. It would just be poking Eric’s wounds.

Eric did not continue to speak and simply glanced at the driver. The driver understood what he wanted and immediately started the car to drive back.

Inside the Capitol.

As soon as Nicole went in, the cold from the outside was swept away.

It was much warmer.

Logan had been waiting at the door until he almost froze.

He draped the blanket he borrowed from the front desk over Nicole’s body with some humble guilt.
“Are you alright, President?”


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