The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1200

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1200 He Likes to Cross-dress

Clayton gave a faint “mm” and compromised.

He knew that he had no clothes prepared here, but he deliberately said that as a hint to Nicole.

She could put some of his clothes at home.

It was best if this kind of thing happened often.

Nicole felt that it was better to let him go back to his own bathroom to shower in the future. It was too inconvenient here.

Clayton looked at the white silk robe with delicate white floral embroidery on it. It looked exquisite.

It was really a style that girls liked.

He could tell that this brand was extremely niche. It was not ostentatious and was low-key, but it was quite expensive.

Clayton put it on. It was small and could barely wrap around him.

It was the best he got.

When he walked out, Nicole had changed her clothes and was lying on the sofa watching TV. She laughed along with the variety program, looking very fascinated.

Clayton was a little disappointed. He had to use such a long time to relieve himself, but she was already back to normal so quickly?

Nicole saw him walk over and raised her brows, looking at him appreciatively wearing her dress.

“It suits you, but it’s just a little tight in the waist area. If only it were a little looser…”

She seemed to lament this little shortcoming.

Clayton’s eyes narrowed and he tugged the ruffled lace skirt.

“It suits me?”

If not for the plain color of the robe and the fact that it was unclear at a glance what gender it was for, he would never have accepted it.

Nicole squinted her eyes and appraised him. “It does! I’ll get them to make a men’s version and give one to you!”

Clayton’s temperament instantly became milder.

A men’s version?

That meant it would be a couple’s robe. Nicole was so considerate!

He cleared his throat. “I’ll go up and get changed, then come down later to watch TV with you.”

Nicole stiffened. “I told Logan to bring some documents over. You can go back and sleep. See you tomorrow!”

She waved her hand, indicating that she was not going to watch TV later.

Thus, he did not have to come down anymore.

Clayton caught what she meant and smiled, thinking that she was embarrassed.

He understood.

Clayton nodded. ’I have to give her some time to adapt…’ “Okay, see you tomorrow then.”

He walked over and placed a gentle k**s on her forehead.

His eyes gradually deepened when he saw her scarlet lips. Nicole already pushed him away in time.

“Go on then!”

Clayton touched her hair, said nothing, and turned to walk towards the door.

The moment he opened the door, another person appeared in the doorway, panting.

The two men were instantly startled by each other. Logan looked at him in shock. “Mr. Sloan, you…” He could not help but look at the robe.

Embroidery, lace… It looked extraordinarily familiar.

Oh, it was the robe that Nicole told Logan to get custom- made.

Clayton came out dressed like this, and his hair still had some water droplets.

It was hard for people not to have crooked thoughts.

Clayton and Nicole were dating, so it was normal for them to be intimate.

However, those clothes… Was it a fetish?

For a time, Logan looked at Clayton with a complex expression.

He did not expect Clayton to have a fetish for crossdressing.

Clayton saw Logan’s complex expression, and his face became even more complicated and slightly dark.

He thought that what Nicole said was just a cop-out.

He did not expect Logan to really come.

Furthermore, Logan came so quickly?

The two men stood at the door. Who was the one who felt more awkward?

Clayton stood there with a dark and sullen face.

He was so angry that his body turned cold.

How was he supposed to show his face again?

Nicole only heard the sound of the door opening but did not hear it close.

She walked over curiously.

”You haven’t left yet?”

Then, she saw Logan standing outside and looking at Clayton in consternation.

What an awkward scene!


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