The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1193

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1193 Best Actor Joseph Valencia

The two of them left one after the other. Even their backs looked good.

As soon as Nicole left her seat, she called Dominic.

“Did you see that?! Who added Joseph into the nominee pool? How did a guy like that win the Best Actor award? Any random actor would’ve been better than him!”

Dominic could not help but laugh. “I knew that you’d get angry.”

“Aren’t you?”

Nicole retorted.

Dominic said, “Look at the trending topics online. The netizens are way angrier than you. Joseph basically destroyed the sparse relations he built up. He beat both Harvey and a veteran actor. How shameful is that?”

Nicole hung up the phone and immediately went online.

Clayton was beside her, holding her arm and pulling her into the car. He could not help but sigh when he saw her focused expression.

Nicole did not care and concentrated on the phone.

The top trending topic read. [“Best” Actor Joseph Valencia. The Superstar Awards is his backyard!]

The comments below really did not disappoint Nicole.

[I never expected the person with the worst acting skills to win Best Actor. I’m so heartbroken for that senior actor who’s just a runner-up…]

[I was torn between supporting the senior actor or Harvey Sage, but now there’s no need to be conflicted. Let’s all scold Joseph Valencia!]

[The five people who could act ended up as runners-up for a person who can’t act. It’s really the most ridiculous joke of the year!]

[Doesn’t he feel guilty for accepting that award? His film got a review of 2.8/10, but he managed to win Best Actor?]

[Any of the other five people are better than him. Did the judging panel receive a bribe?]

[In terms of capital, Harvey is an artist of Falcon Entertainment. In other words, he’s under Kai Stanton’s banner, but he didn’t get the award. If Joseph got the award, I wonder if it means his backer is stronger than Falcon Entertainment?]

Nicole finished reading and exhaled an angry breath.

She instantly felt much better.

She exited the page and took a look. Harvey’s name was second on the trending topics.

[Harvey’s disappointed look is so heartbreaking!] [Harvey’s senior is comforting him.]

Although it looked childish, the netizens still zoomed in on Harvey’s micro-expressions from the short clips they got.

They were more than happy to explain Harvey’s expressions in the direction they found.

Especially when the camera panned over to Harvey’s calm smile which did not have a trace of joy.

The way the veteran actor next to him comfortingly patted his hand was very heartfelt.

It was as if he knew that Harvey deserved the award, but it had been taken away from him instead.

Harvey watched it get snatched away yet was powerless to do anything.

All this made the netizens even more indignant.

The senior actor’s consolation looked more like acknowledgment and heartache for Harvey.

With Harvey’s ability, he was fully capable of holding the title of Best Actor.

This way, it made the fact that Joseph won Best Actor more ridiculous.

Basically, no one congratulated Joseph on winning the award. Even the artists present did not want to say anything.

Once the awards ceremony was over, no one was in the mood to attend the after-party and left.

It was the most dismal awards ceremony ever. It was like a joke.

The credibility of the Superstar Awards also suffered a blow. It originally had a decent standard, so no one was able to tell if only a few small strings were pulled.

However, this was such an obvious disparity. Superstar Awards gave the award to a person without any acting skills. It was basically telling people that the award could be bought with money.

This way, the awards that others in the circle worked so hard to get had become completely worthless.

Nicole figured this out, and her mood suddenly improved.


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