The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1190

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1190 Oh, Abs

Due to this youthful quality in Fabian, many people liked to approach him for films involving the youth.

When Fabian walked to the middle, the lights behind him came on and dimmed one after another, and a second and third person appeared in succession.

Then, more people appeared, and the audience cheered loudly.

They were all male artists. The female artists would most likely go on stage separately.

They were indeed the top twenty in popularity chosen by fan votes.

Sure enough, the people on stage were all familiar acquaintances in the circle and on the trending topics. They all had one thing in common. They were all handsome.

Nicole was secretly surprised as she watched, but there were many industry bigwigs around, so it was really not the place to lose her composure. Thus, she watched calmly with a flickering gaze and a gentle curl on the corners of her lips.

Clayton constantly paid attention to Nicole beside him. He suddenly felt upset when he saw her staring down unblinkingly.

He glanced at the people below. ‘They all looked the same. Did she have to look so fascinated?’

Clayton’s lips were pressed into a straight line. He closed his eyes and felt a little warm, so he loosened the collar of his shirt. He looked slightly restrained.

Nicole did not notice that Clayton was acting weird.

She placed one hand on the railing in front of her. Her eyes were twinkling and expectant.

Out of all these familiar male artists, that model’s footwork was really impressive. He looked really pleasing to the eye.

They were not just there to show off their clothes. Each person had a different style, from their hats and sunglasses to their scarves. There was no aesthetic fatigue at all.

The first dozen people walked by one after another, and the lights went out after the final person walked by.

The room fell into silence again.

The next second, the last person came out.

The lights suddenly came on again, probably a few degrees brighter than earlier. As the blinding light hit his body, Harvey Sage walked out in a casual outfit.

The most eye-catching thing was that his shirt was only buttoned loosely, revealing almost half of his chest as well as the faint eight- pack. He was incredibly dashing and looked much more wild and unruly than the dozen or so people earlier.

The moment he walked over, the screams in the venue instantly went up an octave.

The female celebrities in the venue unabashedly admired his unique charm, and the male artists simply smiled without saying anything, having mixed feelings about it.

Female artists were not the only ones who would fight for beauty on such occasions. It was also obvious in the male artists’ circle, but since they did not have much choice on their attire, most of them simply showed up wearing appropriate and decent suits.

Thus, male artists could only rely on their faces and fans to stand out in the circle.

The appearance of the first batch of people represented the current popularity rankings in the circle. Harvey’s appearance at the end was the finale, the strength, and the focus.

Harvey’s acting skills were remarkable and highly acclaimed.

Although there was a very large controversy about him, after the whitewashing recently, he seemed to carry a kind of modest and introverted nature that was not the same as Clayton’s.

The modesty in Harvey’s bones seemed to be a kind of low-profile toughness. That toughness came from resistance and reluctance.

When Nicole saw Harvey, her eyes lit up for a moment, and she applauded along with the people below.

It was as if she saw a pot of gold. The person she promoted with her own hands finally obtained a kind of recognition today.

Thus, Nicole did not hold back at all when applauding. She even screamed along with the people below.

The surrounding big shots were speechless.


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