The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1187

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1187 Can’t Do Without You

Nicole did not care about Dominic’s reputation. The anger in her heart had not subsided yet.

Harvey’s reputation had almost been smeared to the point of no return, but not only did Dominic not say or do anything, he even made a private settlement with Viola.

How revolting was that?

“I’m not interested in being a stickier regarding the unspoken rules, but I’ve already told you what Harvey Sage means to Stanton Corporation. You didn’t take that seriously and almost sent Harvey on a path of no return. I’ve taken this incident to heart. If it happens again, don’t even try to mention Kai’s name. It’ll be useless even if Kai comes.”

Dominic froze. Although his expression was unpleasant, he could only smile ingratiatingly.

“Thank you for your generosity, Ms. Stanton.”

To the side, Clayton laughed and eased the atmosphere.

“Nicole, don’t scare Mr. Young. That’s not what you said just now.”

Dominic subconsciously looked over at him. Clayton glanced at Nicole and spoke with a smile.

“Mr. Young, don’t take Nicole too seriously. She just told me in private before we came here that we can’t blame you. You saw the bigger picture and acted for the good of the company. Everyone in this circle has a trick or two. Nicole i s an outsider in the entertainment industry and doesn’t know the rules. She screwed things up on a whim, but it’s already good enough that you were able to clean up the mess. However… Your method didn’t conform to her thoughts.”

At those words, Dominic’s expression returned to normal.

Clayton’s tone was teasing, but his gaze was very sincere when he spoke.

It made people believe that what he said was true.

When Dominic heard Clayton’s words, he sighed with relief and looked at Nicole with a smile.

“I know that you’re a highly principled person, Ms. Stanton. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely heed this warning and clean up the company. I’ll make sure that you’ll be able to buy a few more yachts by the end of this year…”

Nicole rolled her eyes speechlessly at Dominic.

The matter of her asking Kai to buy a yacht had unexpectedly spread to the public.


Dominic smiled brightly. His eyes when he looked at Clayton became more favorable.

Nicole put down her cup and gave him a faint look.

“Mr. Young, I also hope that you’ll earn clean money in the future. After all, the company can’t do without you.”

Her words were reassuring, which made Dominic’s heart feel settled.

If Dominic could still stay in Falcon Entertainment, that meant he had gotten through this hurdle overwhelmingly well.

A staff member at the venue announced that they could go in now.

Nicole’s attention was drawn there, and she pulled Clayton over.

Clayton nodded at Dominic, then followed Nicole over with a helpless smile.

Nicole leaned into Clayton and spoke in a low voice.

“Why did you say so much to him? I won’t be able to find anyone to replace him for a while anyway.”

Clayton let out a low and helpless chuckle.

“Ms. Stanton, you’ve stood at the top for too long that you forgot the most fundamental aspect of workplace relationships is gratitude. If you keep him, you have to make him feel grateful for your kindness.”

The two lowered their voices so that no one around could hear what they said.

To outsiders, they only looked like a couple whispering intimately.

A talented man and a beautiful woman. What a beautiful scene!

Nicole pursed her lips. She did not care about Dominic’s thoughts at all.

If Dominic did that in Stanton Corporation, she would have told him to pack his bags and get out.

However, it was in Falcon Entertainment. Dominic always had a good relationship with Kai. If Dominic left, they would not be able to find anyone in the company to replace him.

Thus, Nicole did not intend to fire Dominic. She just wanted to scold him and get over it.

In any case, she just did not want him to get complacent. Clayton said, “But it’s okay. You can stay like this!”

He thought about it before speaking slowly.


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