The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1181

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Nicole let out a breath after the person left.

It really felt good.

She picked up her phone and gave lan a call.

“The person you found isn’t bad and is actually quite reasonable. I already gave him the money and found him another job as well. Is there anything else that needs to be done?”

Ian stammered. “There’s no need to…”

Nicole frowned. “Carter, where did you find him?”

The matter was urgent, and she posted her plan into the group the moment she got it. Ian had recommended that person to her.

Since it was someone that Ian recommended, she did not suspect the person at all and simply used him.

He did not disappoint her either and did his job perfectly.

If not for the fear that someone would find out the truth of this matter in the future, Nicole would have wanted to keep him for herself.

Ian hesitated for a long time before deciding to speak.

“Eric was the one who found him. I was at the bar and muttered out loud when you talked about this matter. He unexpectedly heard me, so he told me to hand this person over to you.”

Nicole paused. Her heart trembled slightly.

She did not know what feeling it was, but it was a complicated emotion that was slightly different from coldness.

It was sour and astringent, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Ian knew that it was impossible between Nicole and Eric because Nicole and Clayton’s relationship was getting better by the day, and they had no intention to break up.

However, no matter what, Ian was at fault for letting Eric intervene in this matter.

“If you want to scold me, then go ahead. You were in such a hurry back then, so I didn’t think much about it either. If he dared to cause any difficulties for you, I would’ve been the first to get back at him…”

Nicole was silent. Her heart felt like it was being crushed by a boulder.

Eric was the last person she wanted to owe a favor.

Why was she just unable to avoid him?

“Alright, I’m hanging up now.”

Nicole was not in the mood to listen to lan ramble and directly hung up the phone.

The young man earlier had said it was “Mr. Carter” probably because Eric had instructed the man not to expose him, right?

In that case, should Nicole just pretend not to know? However, she already found out about it.

Conflicted, she found Eric’s number on WhatsApp. She typed. [Thanks for your help.]

Eric replied in seconds. [You’re welcome. I’m glad I was of help.]

It was gentlemanly and decent.

He did not just help her, he helped her a lot. Nicole breathed a sigh.

Logan knocked on the door and interrupted Nicole’s thoughts.

“President, he just left. What should we do next?”

Nicole immediately recovered her composure and focused on the next matter.

“If I remember correctly, the day after tomorrow is the award ceremony for the Superstar Awards?”

Logan nodded. “Yes, Harvey Sage was nominated for Best Actor in the film he’s starring in, but there’s another actor with outstanding acting skills who was nominated along with him. The ratings for his film were very good. That’s why the industry feels like Harvey might just be the side- show this time…”

The ratings for Harvey’s film were noteworthy, and his acting skills were also widely recognized.

However, compared to that senior actor, Harvey was still slightly inferior.

Nicole paused. Her brows were slightly knitted.

Logan quickly said, “Harvey will indeed steal the show if he can win the award for Best Actor, but the other actor’s reputation has always been good, so it’s actually quite an even match between the two. It’s possible to talk with the organizers…”

It was just a matter of giving them some benefits.

Nicole wrinkled her brows and raised her eyes, looking at Logan.

“No. Things will become complicated if we intervene. It’s fine even if he doesn’t get the award. Besides, there are merits to being a side-show as well. He won’t be brushed away easily.”


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