The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1177

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1177 That Old Woman

The meal went relatively smoothly.

After dinner, Nicole and Clayton sent Sully back to the hotel before they went back to the apartment together.

The public opinion online was left to stir for a full day. Seeing that new gossip was taking the lead, an anonymous person suddenly posted an expose of a group chat.

The people in the group chat were sharing their little secrets of the industry.

Someone called QIrradiateTheWorId was recklessly posting a large number of photos in the group.

These photos were undoubtedly n***s of some artists.

Upon closer look, these were some of the most popular artists, and all of them had worked with Viola Magazine before. Regard less of gender, these n***s were exposed.

In these photos, the artists’ expressions were not as relaxed as usual. Instead, they looked very cooperative and well-behaved like they were working.

The following people immediately replied.

[OMG, this woman has such a great body! Don’t you get a nosebleed when you shoot these?]

[This man ain’t that great. He needs to be retouched. But these photos are really rare…]

[Amazing! It’s just a pity that there aren’t any photos of Harvey. I heard that he has a great body. Many rich women want to appreciate it… QIrradiateTheWorId]

Then, QIrradiateTheWorId replied in the group chat.

[Harvey refused to cooperate in the shoot and doesn’t even want to get undressed. We even met Nicole during the shoot. Ms. Stanton has such a bad temper. She immediately stopped Harvey from shooting. But you guys know how it ends. They offended our magazine, so we won’t let them off easily even if it’s Stanton Corporation. It’s just one Harvey anyway. Our rule is that we won’t shoot unless they strip n***d. What’s the big deal about that?]



[QIrradiateTheWorId: Sigh, that old Ms. Zeigler wanted to s********h him, but unfortunately, he’s just a little too dull. In the future, let’s share all our good material. Keep this confidential!]

[Don’t worry!] [Sure thing!]

Even after countless reassurances of keeping it confidential, someone still took a screenshot of the chat log and posted it online.

QIrradiatedTheWorId was Viola Magazine’s photographer who has a very high status in the circle. He usually would not work with ordinary artists either.

In a blink of an eye, the exposed chat logs that were posted near midnight became the number one trending topic by 5:00 am.

No matter how much money Viola Magazine spent, they just could not get this chat log removed or even reduce the hype.

Everyone in Viola Magazine was antsy and apprehensive.

The netizens probably did not expect the reversal to come so quickly and in such a b****l way.

Although the photos of countless artists were censored, the unique facial features of these artists were clearly distinguishable.

The discussion turned into a collective crusade against Viola Magazine’s exploitation of artists.

Those who only intended to see the fun inadvertently saw that someone was bullying their idol, so how could the netizens just put up with it?

The reporters were bombarding Viola Magazine’s headquarters with calls, but no one dared to answer them. No one even dared to go to work.

That was because countless fans and reporters were jammed at the entrance of the office, waiting to meet that unethical photographer as well as the old woman who wanted to s********h Harvey – Editor-in-chief Viola Zeigler.

They had raw eggs and protest banners ready.

In front of the office, the banners were extra conspicuous with curses and demands for Viola Magazine to apologize.

It was very lively.


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