The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1176

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1176 Who’s in Charge?

When Nicole and Sully rushed over, Clayton had already arrived at the private room that was pre-booked.

Sully was more excited than seeing his relatives when he saw Clayton.

As soon as they met, they went up and hugged each other.

“Clayton, long time no see! You said that you’d come back to Liberty after a few months, but you never returned…”

Clayton’s temperament was extraordinary as he stood tall. He smiled as he spoke.


Saying that, Clayton went over to hold Nicole’s hand.

Sully was speechless. ’Is he really happy that I’m here?’

Nicole smiled and held him back. Clayton’s thumb rubbed the back of her hand. This small action was full of intimacy and ambiguity.

Her heart trembled slightly as she felt like it was being brushed by a feather.

Nicole turned to look at him. Clayton’s side profile was smooth. He had deep features, and his smile was sincere and warm.

He made her feel comfortable.

Sully went into the private room first. Clayton then pulled Nicole back so that they were a step slower.

Clayton suddenly leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“Did it go well? He didn’t take advantage of the situation, right?”

Clayton was constantly concerned about Nicole’s progress.

Nicole’s heart was a soft mess. ’How could I meet such a nice person?’

She pursed her lips and held back the sourness in her eyes as she looked at him.

“No, he didn’t. But those two percent of the shares were transferred to me from your hands?”

Clayton froze. His face sank.

“Why did he tell you everything?”

Nicole looked at him helplessly. “If I had known…” Clayton smiled and patted her shoulder.

“There’s no need to feel pressured. It’s just the same whether it’s under your name or my name.”

“How is it the same? I just wanted to find a way to go through the back door. What you gave me is just superfluous…”

Clayton was silent for a few seconds. His warm fingers fell behind her ear as he gently tucked her hair.

“It’s not. Didn’t you say that you wanna call the shots?” Nicole froze. ’I sound so arrogant…’

“Hey, come on in guys! Clayton, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Don’t you miss me at all?”

Sully beckoned them enthusiastically. Nicole smiled and walked in first.

Clayton said, “Please don’t express your love for me in front of my girlfriend, lest she gets upset.”

He gave her a deep look.

Nicole chocked. ‘I won’t…’

She would not get jealous of an old man that was half a century old!

Sully gave him a very dissatisfied look.

“Clayton, how can you be like this? You clearly said that I’m your best friend!”

“No, I didn’t…” Clayton firmly denied it.

When Nicole saw this, she could not help but smile. She could see that the two people had a really good relationship.

Sully said, “I was initially very unhappy because of that artist, but Ms. Stanton said that he can partner with Naomi, so I think that VJ Magazine is still salvageable. This way, I’m not losing anything from you transferring your shares to Ms. Stanton.”

Clayton’s face sank slightly, but since Nicole was around, he could only suppress it with great effort.

“Sully, you promised me that you won’t tell others about this matter, especially Nicole.”

Sully looked at Nicole, and then at Clayton.

“Why? She’ll know sooner or later. Aren’t you guys dating?”

Sully did not understand Clayton’s good intentions and speechlessly looked away.

He did not want to look at Clayton.

Nicole smiled and pulled the corner of Clayton’s shirt, then carefully leaned in.

“I’ll know sooner or later. Don’t worry, when I’m done with this, I’ll return it to you.”

Clayton held her hand and squeezed it. His eyes were dark and deep. “Since I gave it to you, it’s yours.”


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