The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1174

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1174 Make an Exception for Him

Nicole paused, raised her eyes, and looked at the bearded man in front of her. He was the one who chattered and cursed over the phone with Clayton yesterday?

Sully was also watching Nicole. He narrowed his eyes, stepped forward, and extended his hand.

“Ms. Stanton, nice to meet you.”

Nicole smiled and walked over to shake hands with him.

“Sully, I didn’t expect you to come here in person. We spoke last night.”

Sully shrugged his shoulders helplessly, looking like a helpless little old man.

“I know. I hung up the phone and bought a plane ticket just so I could come here to see who’s coveting VJ Magazine. But it’s an honor to meet you, Ms. Stanton. With your status, we’re willing to sell our shares to you.”

Nicole could not help but smile. This mature man had a s***k tongue.

Sully probably negotiated the general terms already, so this flattery was to salvage his reputation.

“Thank you, I hope we can work well together in the future.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and spoke with a smile.

She shot Logan a look. Logan then immediately turned around and called Stanton Corporation’s lawyer to come and draw up the contract as fast as possible.

Sully looked at the scene and suddenly rubbed his temples helplessly.

“My G*d! It seems like it’s impossible not to sign the contract, huh? But there are some things I have to say beforehand…”

Nicole nodded and looked at him very seriously.

Sully continued, “The male artist you recommended is very questionable in terms of character. Even if he’s in our magazine, it won’t change anything, and our magazine won’t do any guarantee for him. Moreover, VJ is a fashion magazine. He doesn’t have any fashion brand

endorsement under his name, nor does he have any fashion potential. It’s impossible for him to get on the cover with just a not-so-impressive face. Since you’re our soon-to-be shareholder, I’ve discussed this with the editors. At most, we can introduce him in a small section within the magazine…”

Sully held out his hand and gestured.

It was indeed tiny, and not worth mentioning.

However, for Harvey, this was already an extraordinary exception.

Opposite him, Nicole just sat there quietly with downcast eyes. Although she was smiling gently, it was clear that she was not satisfied with this request.

If not for the cover page, what was the point of her doing so much?

Everyone was only concerned about the cover model. The rest were merely “other people”.

Logan and the lawyer sat on the side, waiting for the result of their discussion.

After a long time, Nicole raised her eyes. Her smile was a little indifferent.

“Sully, I can well understand the conditions you’ve stated for the sake of VJ Magazine, but please believe that you won’t go wrong in choosing Harvey. None of those rumors about him are true, and the truth will soon be revealed. His commercial value lies in being a professional actor, not a fashion model. Most importantly, Sully, I also know that with his status, if he’s forcefully placed on the cover, it may backfire. So, I suggest getting him a partner.”

Sully looked at her in shock. This was something he had not expected.

”A partner?”

Nicole smiled. “Stanton Corporation’s previous spokesperson was Naomi. Since she retired from the circle, she no longer endorses any brand. If we get her to shoot the cover with Harvey, it’ll certainly have a good effect.”

Sully was stunned and immediately looked incredulous.

”That’s impossible. Naomi doesn’t accept any interview invitations in the circle. She hasn’t shot a magazine cover for almost ten years. How could she agree to this?”


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