The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1172

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1172 You’re in Charge

[I’m beginning to wonder if the previous whitewashing of his domestic violence incident was deliberate?]

[Is a magazine like Viola still not worthy of Harvey’s status? Does Harvey have a misunderstanding of his standing in the circle?]

[Harvey’s first step into the fashion world is ruined just like that. I’m afraid no magazines will work with him again!]

[Let’s sit and wait for things to reverse. All of us spectators need to calm down a little.]


Nicole hooked her lips and casually looked through them.

Immediately after that, she clicked on the statement released by Viola Magazine.

[Since the artist, Mr. Sage, is not cooperating, we have decided to terminate our partnership with him. We will be inviting the popular Fabian to shoot the cover of our next issue. Please look forward to it!]

No wonder.

That one sentence of “Mr. Sage is not cooperating” turned into the discussion of Harvey being arrogant.

This was the first time a magazine came out to besiege an artist like this.

It looked like they could not stand and condone the artist’s bad behavior.

No wonder most people in the comments sided with Viola Magazine and believed that Harvey was just being arrogant.

They were pointing fingers at him.

It was almost noon.

Harvey’s side still had no movements.

Logan watched as Nicole calmly dealt with business matters and even went to inspect one of their subsidiaries at the last minute.

It was a busy day.

Dominic did not dare to call Nicole directly.

He could only bombard Logan with calls to inquire about Nicole’s whereabouts and reaction.

At the end of the day, Nicole realized that Logan was answering the phone very diligently. Logan no longer dared to answer.

”Yes… Mr. Young.”

Logan thought about it and explained. This was not a private call.

He was also not deserting his post during office hours.

Nicole curled the corners of her lips coldly.

“He wants to wait for a s****e of luck, yet he’s worried whether luck will go to him?”

”After all, Mr. Young has invested quite a lot in Harvey, so I guess he’s afraid that he can’t recover his capital…”

Logan muttered, blurting out the key point.

Nicole rolled her eyes indifferently and continued to do her own thing.

By the afternoon.

The heat finally began to dwell down.

However, the comments seemed to have identified a fact, that Harvey was just putting on airs.

They even referred to Sara, an actress who was acting snobby, who later got scolded until she quit the entertainment industry.

However, Harvey had not yet reached this point.

There were already quite a few rivals that were secretly preparing dirt to sling at Harvey, ready to make him completely disappear as soon as he was at his wits’ end.

3:00 pm.

Kai called Nicole. “Lil N, it’s settled. VJ Magazine will contact you themselves.”

Nicole’s eyes lit up. She put down the pen in her hand.

“So soon?”

“Clayton probably put in a lot of effort in this. I thought it’ll take at least a few days of negotiation for the acquisition, but I didn’t expect him to have already made arrangements long ago. This man you found has a pretty good vision so far.”

Hearing Kai praising Clayton so much, Nicole felt like Kai was praising her.

Nicole laughed. “That’s certainly true.”

Kai smiled. “Okay, I gotta go to rehearsals. Go and see Julie more often. Don’t just care about your own enjoyment!”

“I know, I treat her much better than you do.”

Nicole’s tone was proud. Soon after, she could not help but complain.

“By the way, Dominic’s too good at faking. You have to warn him. If he dares to make me angry again, he can get lost!”

Kai was silent. He did not expect Nicole to be so angry with Dominic.

Although Kai wanted to ask for clarification, he was pressed for time.

“Okay, if you want him to get lost, then just tell him. Since I’m not there, you’re in charge!”


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