The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1166

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1166 Unspoken Rules

Dominic pinched the space between his eyes.

“I probably shouldn’t have brought you here.”

Nicole said, “Fortunately, you brought me here. Your analysis is right earlier. Harvey’s every word and action represents Stanton Corporation’s image, so he can’t have any stains on him. He must get rid of his bad reputation. Otherwise, all our efforts will be wasted!”

Harvey had already gotten dressed in his own clothes and walked over to them.

“Ms. Stanton, don’t worry. Even if I don’t shoot the cover for Viola Magazine, I will still do a good job. The paparazzi are watching me closely these days, so I’ll pay attention to my private life.”

Nicole nodded. Harvey was a quick learner, and she was very satisfied with him.

“Good, don’t worry about the cover. I’ll contact other people.”

Harvey retained his principles and did not succumb to the photographer’s limitless demands like others, which had refreshed Nicole’s perception of him.

It was rare.

Harvey’s assistant came and took him away.

Nicole and Dominic also left the studio and went back to the office.

The people left behind finally could not help but sigh.

“Ms. Stanton is so valiant! When she dissed that old woman, she’s simply like a goddess!”

“Yeah! Who doesn’t know what that old woman wants? She just thought that Harvey’s a pushover and wanted to s********h him. She should look at how old she is. She’s old enough to be his mother!”

“Fortunately, Ms. Stanton arrived in time. Otherwise, I was just worried about how it’d end. That photographer obviously only listened to the editor-in-chief and deliberately made things difficult for Harvey.”

“Yeah, the editor-in-chief first stripped down the psychological defenses of the artists, then used the resources of the circle to tempt them before she got her way and slept with them. They’ve used such a routine so many times…”

“In short, Ms. Stanton is a unique goddess!”

Inside Dominic’s office.

Nicole sat on the sofa, calmly and elegantly sipping coffee. Dominic frowned with some impatience.

“Nicole, this cover is really rare. In fact, artists suffering a little grievance is nothing. All artists will experience this on their path to success. Once he gets popular, his image is vital to Stanton Corporation, and others will look past that negligible dirt on him.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows, put down the coffee in her hand, and raised her eyes to look at him.

“Dominic, can’t you see that Harvey’s unwilling to do so?”

This made Dominic shut up.

Dominic only cared about the trade-offs after weighing the pros and cons, and no one cared about what Harvey thought.

To the company, Harvey was just a tool to generate money.

Dominic would not bother to actively care about Harvey’s thoughts.

“If he was willing, he wouldn’t have provoked the photographer’s angry curses. If he wasn’t willing, then he couldn’t do it.”

Dominic was helpless. “This is his job. What’s there to talk about willingness? This opportunity is important…”

“Mr. Young, some deals are done privately and should be consensual, but since he’s unwilling, we can’t just force him to do it.”

Nicole’s tone had become somewhat cold.

Although she did not say it explicitly, it did not mean that she was clueless.

During the photoshoot, Ms. Zeigler’s eyes were ogling at Harvey and were filled with greed and desire. Nicole could figure out what was going on then.

It was repulsive!

Dominic faintly froze and noticed Nicole’s sunken mood.

He pursed his lips. “But now… Even if I give Harvey all the resources I can get my hands on, not many magazines would have Viola Magazine’s appeal. Once Viola Magazine’s statement of replacing their cover model is posted, it may have a greater negative impact on Harvey.”


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