The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1158

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1158 No Need to Be Off-Site

Clayton looked down at his watch. His bodyguard was probably waiting outside by now.

He had a gentle smile as he laughed.

“Everyone, the honor brought by this project belongs to each and every one of the researchers, not to me. This is an advancement that belongs to all of humanity and isn’t my personal pot of gold. Although I grew up in Liberty, I’m still Medianian. I’ve also specially sent my son for schooling in Mediania. I’m sure that everyone will be proud of our breakthrough…”

Clayton smiled flawlessly without a trace of impatience.

Although these words did not explicitly favor one side, one could read between the lines that Clayton loved Mediania.

The reporters also let out a sigh of relief. The situation did not seem so intense anymore.

At this time, Clayton’s bodyguards rushed over and quickly opened up a path for Clayton, blocking out the reporters.

Clayton took the opportunity to leave quickly.

This was the end of the live broadcast.

Nicole’s gaze was calm, and her heart was deeply relieved.

After Clayton got into the car, Nicole’s phone rang two minutes later.

The caller ID showed that it was Clayton.

Logan paused. ”I haven’t seen Mr. Sloan being so clingy.”

‘After the airport incident, shouldn’t Clayton go back and discuss with the team about showing a united front to the public? Clayton’s still in the mood to call Nicole?’ Logan thought.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and gave him a look. Logan turned around awkwardly and had the good sense to leave Nicole’s office.

The phone rang a few more times.

Only then did Nicole pick up the phone unhurriedly.

“Hello? Nicole, do you know where I am? I’m going to surprise you soon. Don’t get too shocked!”

Clayton’s voice was relaxed and warm, not the slightest bit annoying.

Nicole laughed. “Okay. I’m at the office. The bigger the surprise, the better!”

Clayton was speechless. ’She really doesn’t hold back, huh?

Nicole hung up the phone. In less than twenty minutes, Logan knocked on the door and came in.

Needless to say, Nicole knew that Logan was not here for any work matters because she saw his expression and deliberate smile.

“President, there’s someone here to see you. Do you want to meet him?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows and looked at him as she folded her arms.

“Logan, you’ve been a bit out of control lately, huh? You even dare to make fun of me now? Should I send you back to my brother and let him take care of you?”

Logan paused. ’No, no, no… I don’t wanna go back!’ “President, I was wrong…”

Logan was very sincere in admitting his mistake.

He then opened the door and let the person behind him into the office, then thoughtfully closed the door behind him.

Sure enough, it was Clayton, who had just returned to the country.

Nicole smiled. Her gaze froze slightly. Clayton was dressed the same as he did in the live broadcast, so he must have come straight over.

However, he gave off a completely different feeling in person and on TV.

The Clayton in front of her was much more real and warm.

When Nicole saw him, the complex emotions in her heart surged at once.

She was so worried about him just now, and she had deliberately stopped herself from missing him too much. It turned out that liking someone would really make one miss and worry for them.

Clayton stood there, reached out, and opened his arms wide.

He looked at Nicole with a smile. ”You’re really not surprised at all, huh?”

Nicole sniffled, put down the cup, walked over, and gently hugged him.

His warm and soothing scent instantly lingered at the tip of her nose. It was familiar and refreshing.

Clayton hugged her waist tightly, sighed, and reached out to s****e her hair.

“I finally don’t have to be off-site anymore… It’s been so hard on me…”


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