The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1154

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1154 Having Fun

When Hayley saw Nicole, she was as excited as a fan seeing her idol.

Hayley forgot about everything else.

Nicole did not even understand where Hayley’s enthusiasm was coming from.

“It is quite a coincidence. I have an appointment with someone, so I can’t stay and chat with you. See you later!”

Nicole was just about to leave when Hayley hurriedly stopped her.

“With your friends? Is it convenient if we sit together? My friends really like you and they’re eager to meet you!”

The corners of Nicole’s lips faintly stiffened. ’Oh no, I don’t want a group of underage kids to watch how I get drunk! That scene is just too creepy to think about…’

Just as Nicole was about to refuse, Hayley looked behind her and greeted her friends.

“Hey, I saw Nicole! I told you that we’re good friends. She even invited us to her private room to party!”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. ’When did I invite them? I don’t recall anything like that!’

Five or six teenagers that were about Hayley’s age and dressed in the same style as Hayley ran over to Nicole.

Sure enough, this was the most popular style for this age group.

The corners of Nicole’s lips twitched. She had no choice but to push the door open and invite them in.

Everyone was so excited.

Yvette was standing and singing loudly, while Julie and Ian sat far away from Yvette trying to be out of her range, acting invisible.

At once, the music stopped.

They looked up in the direction of the door.

A group of teenagers with colorful dyed hair appeared at the door, chattering as they walked in.

They were all stunned.

However, behind the teenagers was an ashen-faced Nicole, who was also dumbstruck.

“Nicole, are you going to venture into education?”

In their career map, they still did not reach the extent of caring for public welfare.

Nicole pursed her lips and laughed. She pointed to Hayley, who was beside her.

“This is Hayley, the daughter of Golden Sea Corporation’s President. We’re acquaintances, and these are her friends.”

The three people nodded, dumbfounded.

Ian immediately stood up. “I’m going out to take a call.” He then fled the room.

Ian came to have fun, not to teach children. Yvette and Julie looked at lan with envy.

Nicole just rolled her eyes and did not make a sound.

“Everyone, feel free to sit down and order anything you want. Our treat!”

Yvette smiled and greeted everyone.

Nicole sat on the side. Yvette pinched Nicole’s waist just as Nicole sat down.

“What’s going on? Since when did you get so familiar with the princess of Golden Sea Corporation?”

Nicole looked at her helplessly.

“Ava York, who was against me before, almost became Hayley’s stepmother. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, got it?”

Yvette gave her a thumbs up. She was speechless.


Julie handed Nicole a glass of juice. “Forget it. We have to set an example for these minors, so we can’t get drunk tonight…”

Nicole nodded.

Suddenly, the sofa next to Nicole sank down as Hayley excitedly sat beside her.

“Are you guys regulars here? We’ve never been in this private room. It seems to be closed to the public. Is it exclusive to you guys?”

Nicole smiled. “Does your father know that you’re here?” Hayley grunted. Her face immediately sank.

The topic was successfully changed.

“Since his own marriage fell through, he’s starting to put his hopes of a marriage alliance on me. I shouId’ve just let that vixen clean him up properly…”

The corners of Nicole’s eyes twitched. “You?!”

Nicole sized up Hayley. This girl did not look at all suitable for marriage.


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