The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1153

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1153 Not From the Heart

Hearing Toto’s words, Keith paused and laughed.

Keith put down the coffee cup in his hand heavily.

“Do you think that Eric’s tactics will be straightforward enough to leave evidence? When whatever happens is done, Clayton Sloan will naturally have to get lost. By then, who will feel nauseated ? It just depends on whether Ferg will be soft-hearted!”

Eric’s eyebrows were twisted. His face turned unconsciously glum.

Toto took a look at Eric’s expression and lowered his voice.

“Ms. Stanton isn’t a submissive person. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten divorced. Ms. Lehman has a good temper and doesn’t have as good a family background as the Ludwig family, so of course, Ms. Lehman will have many concerns. Even now if she agrees to be with you, it’s not necessarily from the heart…”

As soon as Toto said that, the room became inexplicably silent.

Toto just dumped a bucket of cold water over Keith’s head, so Keith looked displeased.

Of course, Keith knew why Livia had agreed to go back to him, and it was definitely not because of love.

It was because Keith re-established Livia’s father’s business and Livia’s grandmother was sick and could not live without his help.

Livia’s pregnancy was nothing more than a reason to outsiders.

According to Livia’s character, her determination would not change because of a child.

It was just that there was no reason why Livia would reject Keith since everything worked in his favor.

When Toto suddenly unveiled this fig leaf, Keith felt that it sounded too harsh.

’Not from the heart?’ Keith hooked his lips and let out a cold laugh.

“As long as she’s with me, sincerity or whatever isn’t important. Anyway, her heart will return to me sooner or later.”

Now, Toto had nothing to say.

Keith was really thick-skinned, and his tactics were really nastier than a rogue.

It was just a pity that Toto dared not say it.

Toto just hoped that Eric would never do such a thing. Fortunately, Eric’s face was expressionless.


Keith still wanted to continue brainwashing Eric, but Eric impatiently shut down the computer and stood up.

“I have a dinner to attend. Do you wanna come?” Keith asked, “With who?”

“Golden Sea Corporation.”

“No way! That guy keeps introducing his daughter to me, who’s still underage! How could he even bring himself to say that?”

Keith was impatient and just wanted to stay away from him.

Eric’s face was sullen and cold. He then took his coat and walked out.

Only Keith and Toto were left in the office. The two people looked at each other.

Keith stood up speechlessly and took his coat. “I’m leaving too. I’ll come back later.”

Toto breathed a sigh of relief. “Goodbye, Mr. Ludwig.”

Toto was a conscientious matchmaker and definitely would not put a woman in a vulnerable position.

Tattle Bar.

Nicole had fun all day. In the evening, Yvette called her over for a drink.

Just as Nicole was about to go into the private room, someone came out of nowhere and grabbed her wrist.

“Nicole, you’re here too!”

Nicole was startled. That voice was quite familiar. When she turned around to take a look, she saw Hayley, the daughter of Golden Sea Corporation’s President.

Nicole paused and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s you?”

Hayley had such thick eye makeup that Nicole almost did not recognize her.

The teenager was also dressed in flashy clothes with large reflective sequins on them. The bag she carried was weirdly shaped and very expensive.

Hayley’s getup was just so pompous.

Nicole really doubted the fashion sense of kids these days.

However, to maintain Hayley’s self-esteem, Nicole kept her mouth shut.

“What a coincidence! I came over to the party with some friends and didn’t expect to see you!”


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