The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1143

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1143 Standing All Night

Early morning.

Nicole was in a daze when she heard someone knocking o n the door and other voices calling her.

She thought that she was hallucinating.

After all, no one in the Stanton family would disturb her in the midst of a good dream.

It must be an illusion!

However, the knock on the door was incessant, and there seemed to be the sound of claws scratching the door.

Nicole could not stand it anymore and sat up. When she listened carefully, she realized that it was not an illusion.

She walked barefoot on the carpet and opened the door. Tigger fell into the room at once.

Tigger was round like a fat little piglet.

It looked like a little piglet in tiger fur.

Nicole wrinkled her eyebrows and glared at it deliberately.

”Tigger, don’t think I’ll let you off the hook just because you’re cute!”

Tigger rolled on the ground twice and went to bite on Nicole’s nightgown aggrievedly.

”You’re the most beautiful Mama in the world! Your brother, Grant, asked me to come over to wake you up!”

Nicole frowned. As soon as she looked up, she saw Grant walking over with a glass of milk, drinking it while looking at her.

“You’re finally awake! I thought you passed out…”

Nicole stared at Grant. “I told you that I’m on vacation today! Why are you waking me up so early?”

Grant lifted his hand and looked at his watch.

“It’s already 10:00 am. That’s not considered early. Dad has come back from fishing twice already…”

Nicole was speechless as she stared at him. ’How can a man understand what beauty sleep means?

Grant pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows. There was a hint of helplessness on his exquisite face.

“Well, you should go downstairs and see the person who’s been standing at the door all night.”

A trace of bewilderment flashed across Nicole’s face, which then stiffened.

Her heart thudded when she suddenly realized something. Then, she rushed out.

Within a few steps, Nicole was pulled back by Grant. Nicole was puzzled.

Grant frowned at her.

“Why are you in such a panic? Wash up and change your clothes before you go down. He’s been waiting all night anyway, so a few more minutes won’t matter.”

Nicole had no choice but to turn around and go back to wash up.

In her heart, she vaguely knew who it was.

Last night, she was not in the right mindset and had taken out all her negative energy on Clayton.

How could he suddenly appear at the door?

Nicole’s mind was suddenly in a mess.

It was impossible for Eric Ferguson to stand outside for the whole night, nor was it possible for him to continue waiting outside in the morning.

Only Clayton would do something like this.

When Nicole thought of this, she washed up faster.

Nicole simply wore a casual knitted dress and ran outside. In the living room.

Grant saw Nicole running out and snorted lightly. He then stroked Tigger’s fur and said in a nonchalant voice, “Looks like it’s serious this time, huh?”

Tigger nuzzled his face on Grant’s shirt. “But in terms of the most qualified person in the world, Eric Ferguson is still the most suitable one.”

Grant looked down at Tigger. “What do you know?” Tigger did not know what to say.

Nicole walked to the door and saw Mr. Anderson standing not far away, looking as if he was very nervous.

When Mr. Anderson saw Nicole, he sighed with relief and hurriedly walked over.

“Miss, Mr. Sloan has been standing at the door for a long time. Did you two have a fight? The Chairman told him to come in, but he didn’t want to. He just said that he’ll wait for you outside.”

Nicole pursed her lips and looked at Mr. Anderson.

“I’ll go talk to him. Mr. Anderson, you can go about your day.”


Mr. Anderson wiped his sweat and walked in.

The closer Nicole got to that man, the more guilty she felt.


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