The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1135

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1135 I Can Raise Him

Miles glanced at Nicole before continuing to speak.

“It’s just that he’s suspected of bottom fishing a few stocks he invested in. Someone is probably manipulating it behind the scenes and deliberately giving him a hard time.”

Nicole’s brows knitted up. “You mean that someone is deliberately targeting him?”

“Naturally. With Clayton’s experience on Wall Street, how could he fall into a trap like that?”

Miles explained in a calm tone and looked down at her.

“But you’ve really changed. You wouldn’t have cared about stuff like this before. Will Clayton’s bankruptcy have any effect on you?”

Nicole paused and pursed her lips.

“Our companies are partners, after all. If he goes bankrupt, it’ll inevitably affect our company as well.”

Miles said, “So, it’s not because of him as a person?”

Nicole composed herself and looked up at Miles.

“It’s not like I can’t afford to support him, so this won’t matter personally.”

Miles’ expression stiffened. He was silent for a while.

The music was melodious and profound.

Miles suddenly did not know what to say.

In the beginning, Miles ran away just as his feelings for Nicole began to sprout, thinking that he would gradually forget about it if there was a distance between them.

Miles knew that he might be rejected if he tried to cross that line. He would get tired and would not be able to stay friends with her naturally.

After all, Eric’s presence was like a large mountain standing behind her.

It was impossible to climb over.

Then, Miles came back and heard that someone actually climbed over that mountain.

That person was not better than him or Eric.

Miles was curious and wanted to see with his own eyes if it was just like the rumors said.

Although Miles did not see Clayton, when he heard Nicole’s answer, it was as if he could already see the picture of the two people together.

That feeling was slightly sour. The song ended.

Nathaniel came over excitedIy and patted Nicole on the shoulder.

”You’re finally here. Let’s go. There are a few friends in the entertainment industry who want to get acquainted with you…”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him speechlessly. Nathaniel was the best at playing the intermediary.

“I’m here to welcome Miles back. You should go entertain those friends yourself!”

Nathaniel did not give her the opportunity to refuse. He pulled her wrist and started to walk.

”You’re really good at dawdling. Even if you don’t like them, just go over and say a few words before leaving.

Otherwise, so many people will say that you’re acting snobbish!”

Nathaniel spoke in a low voice, and Nicole’s voice of protest became smaller.

Nathaniel smiled and walked over.

“Our Ms. Stanton is here, but she can’t drink. Brag about yourselves if you want to. I guarantee that she won’t laugh at you!”

Everyone laughed and gathered around.

Nicole glanced around. There were a few people who looked familiar. They were the directors and guests from that variety show. Yuliana and Zahra were present too.

These two people were the ones that had the highest clout.

Everyone smiled and walked over. “Ms. Stanton, it’s been a long time…”

“Ms. Stanton, have you been busy recently? Are you interested in participating in the third season of the variety show?”

“Ms. Stanton is very busy. Director, you should stop trying to push your ideas on her. It’ll be good enough if she comes on as a guest!”

Nicole could not help but smile and relax a little.

“I’ll definitely visit if I have the time. Don’t miss me too much!”

In fact, Nicole was still very wary of the people in the entertainment industry. After all, the people she met there were not great people.

However, the atmosphere now seemed to make her forget those unpleasant events, and the tightly wound string around her loosened.

She suddenly felt relaxed. This feeling was not bad.

“Did you know? This is about Sara, who quit the circle some time ago. I recently heard that she couldn’t even find a job and turned to modeling, but she was ostracized by the modeling circle and became a car show girl instead…”


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