The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1132

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The netizens scolded Sara furiously. Almost all her fans turned against her, and all her endorsements and acting contracts were terminated. Sara would have to pay a huge sum of money soon. It looked like her acting career had suddenly come to an end.

“Get out! What are you crying for? In the future, don’t tell anyone that we know each other, and don’t come to me again! I’m so unlucky!”

The man stood up in anger. His expression was extremely furious.

His career deferred to Stanton Corporation.

If Nicole found out that he was Sara’s backer, would he still be able to continue his career?

The man wanted nothing more than to get rid of this woman quickly and never see her again.

Sara was extremely wretched. She cried with no regard for her image.

“If you dare to tell others about our relationship, don’t blame me for being impolite. No one will pay your mortgage on the property under your name. You can just sleep on the streets!”

The man turned around and left without caring about her. Sara could not even catch up to him.

Sara was fearful of the man’s words. She did not dare to chase after him and make the situation worse.

The next morning after the incident.

The company Sara worked at released a statement announcing that the contract with Sara had expired, and the intention to renew her contract was abandoned.

This was something that had never happened before in the entertainment industry. The contract was being terminated by the artist’s company instead.

It was enough to be considered a small earthquake. The people’s mockery came like a tidal wave.

[I’ve seen apologies before, but I’ve never seen such a timid agency…]

[Company: Don’t mess with me! If you mess with me, you’ll have nothing to do with me!]

[Company: Who’s Sada? I don’t know her.]

[That deranged woman is finally done for! Let’s celebrate,

Three days later.

Sara had no choice but to issue a statement of withdrawal from the circle and officially bid farewell to the entertainment industry.

The whole thing was crisp and clean.

After the heat died down, Nicole got people to gradually drop the topic regarding herself as well.

She did not want to become a mealtime conversation.

The most successful thing about the whole incident was the show Julie invested in.

The show changed out a lot of roles, and the audience’s expectations were very high. The number of topics and clicks also reached the expected value.

Not long after, she heard that almost all the actresses for the drama were completely replaced.

It was probably Julie’s handiwork.

Nicole did not know how Kai found out about this matter, but he called her to ask about the follow-up.

Nicole told him honestly.

Kai happily gave her a bonus of 8200,000 as a reward.

Stanton Corporation.

Logan came in with the project contract. Nicole looked at it and nodded.

“It’s almost time to get off work. You can go back first.” Logan nodded.

Nicole’s phone suddenly rang.

It was from Nathaniel. She frowned slightly. She picked it up. “What’s up?”

“Nicole, there’s a party going on tonight. Do you want to come over and have a good time?”

“No, thanks.”

Nicole refused decisively.

Nathaniel clicked his tongue. “Do you have to refuse so bluntly?”

“What’s the matter?”

Nicole was speechless. She looked at Logan and motioned for him to leave first.

Nathaniel laughed. “Miles is back. An old friend came back, so it’s only natural to welcome him back with a party, right?”

”You shouId’ve said so earlier! Send me the location. I’ll be there.”

Nathaniel was speechless with anger. ”You won’t come if I invite you, but you’ll come if Miles does?”

Nicole laughed. “Don’t ask questions you know the answer to. Nothing good will happen from you inviting me.”

Nathaniel was speechless.

He just brought disgrace to himself.

Nathaniel hung up the phone in anger.

Less than a minute later, he sent the address over.


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