The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1125

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1125 Pour Money Until It Blows Up

“Chatting? Or were you slandering people? You get such a high commission, yet you’re dissing the producer. You’re really the people I’ve seen to do that! Since you like to make things up about people so much, it’ll be an injustice to let you all stay here…”

Nicole did not give them another chance. It would be hard to find a last-minute replacement for their roles, but even if she lost money, she would not continue to use these people.

She was just about to tell them to get lost when she saw a familiar skirt from behind the clothes rack come out. Julie smiled as she stood in front of Nicole.

“Forget it, Lil N…”

As soon as everyone saw Julie’s sudden appearance, their expressions instantly became complicated and ugly.

Why was Julie here?

The clothes rack was tall and thick, and the space behind it was used for changing clothes.

If someone was hiding there, it would not be easy to discover them.

Nicole’s face turned white. Compared to the women making her angry, she was more afraid that Julie heard what they said earlier.

However, she had not seen it wrongly. Julie was really here. Julie heard everything, even more than Nicole did.

How could Julie endure such unpleasant words?

Nicole took a deep breath and looked away, taking a deep breath.

“I can’t just forget it. The circle isn’t short of actresses. I’ll make them get lost. Their career will be d**d from now on. Absolutely no one will talk such nonsense again!”

Hearing Nicole’s words, the actresses turned miserably pale.

Especially the female lead and the supporting female lead. They had paid a much heavier price than male actors in order to reach this position today.

They finally managed to get a foothold in this circle. If they were suddenly banned, they would lose everything, and the investors would try every means possible to get back the money they had put into the women because of their mistakes.

The female lead anxiously stepped forward and tried to touch Nicole, but Nicole shook her off.

“I was wrong, Ms. Stanton. Please have mercy. Don’t k**l my career!”

“Yes, Ms. Stanton, Ms. Nixon. We know that we’re wrong. Please don’t k**l our careers…”

Nicole had made up her mind. If she did not teach them a lesson, sooner or later, this matter would be brought up again by others for laughs.

It was unacceptable!

Looking at Nicole’s icy face, they turned to beg Julie. Julie looked at Nicole helplessly.

“Forget it, Lil N. It’s not worth making a big deal out of this.” Nicole’s face was frigid. “If this isn’t worth it, then what will be worth it?”

“The crew’s progress is already very slow. If we change actresses at the last minute, we’ll end up losing money. There’s also tension in the major TV stations. This show will be over if we can’t finish filming in time.”

Julie spoke solemnly.

Nicole said, “That’s simple. I’ll pay for the losses, and I’ll find connections regarding the airtimes. Even if I have to pour buckets of money into this show, I’ll make sure it blows up!”

Then, she glanced at the people coldIy, committing their faces to memory.

Nicole turned and left.

They went frantic with anxiousness. Before long, Julie caught up to Nicole.

“Lil N, I’m not even that angry. Why are you reacting so badly?”

Nicole looked ahead without a change in expression.

“I promised my third brother that I won’t let anyone bully you. I won’t allow it even if they only said a few words.”

Julie fell silent for a moment and walked beside her. “When did he ask you to do that?”

“Just before he got on the plane. He said a few words to me alone before he left, and all he talked about was you. He told me to take care of you. If he finds out about this, his reaction will be worse than mine! If you don’t agree with my decision, I’ll tell Kai and let him come back to deal with it.


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