The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1122

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1122 A Young Idol’s Enthusiasm

The two of them sent Kai to the plane.

On the way back.

The driver drove in front. Nicole sat there, looking at Julie hesitantly.

“Julie, don’t you want to know what my third brother said to me at the end?”

Julie looked at her. “No.”


“Because it must be because he couldn’t bear to tell me. Your third brother is really too clingy. I’m afraid that this passion will suddenly go cold one day. That’s why I’m deliberately giving him the cold shoulder. I want him to calm down.”

Nicole blinked and smiled.

Kai’s worry was simply unnecessary!

“I’ll take you to the set.”

Julie said, “I’ll go by myself. You’re busy.”

“I’m not busy. I want to see how the crew is doing too.”

Julie smiled. “Okay, then let’s go. I’m still the producer of the film. There’s an artist from Falcon Entertainment. I’m sure you’ll want to see him.”

Nicole raised her brows. That was great.

It was probably Harvey Sage. He had been in the limelight lately.

Nicole might as well just go and give him a little popularity boost.

When they arrived at the set, Julie went straight to the director to look at the latest progress.

Nicole wandered along and went into the lounge.

“Thank you, everyone. You’ve worked hard…”

The voice was a little familiar, but it definitely was not Harvey’s voice.

Nicole pondered as she pushed the door open. When the person saw her, the volume of his voice subconsciously increased.

“Ms. Stanton…”

It was Fabian.

“Ms. Stanton, did you come all the way here to visit?”

The young and popular Fabian was really starting to have a more mature look.

Fabian originally debuted as a singer and dancer, but after acting for a period, it seemed like he had grown a lot.

Nicole had a good impression of him at first.

However, when she heard that he sold his body to the big shots, her heart could not reconcile that image with the impression of the youthful boy in her heart.

Nicole could not enter nor leave, so she simply smiled and nodded.

“You’re also in this film?”

Fabian nodded. “I’m only in a few scenes. I worked together with the director before, so he called me over to help out.”

Nicole raised her brows and nodded.

Fabian had always been very s***k, but he gave people a naive and innocent feel.

Nicole smiled. Just as she was about to turn and leave, Fabian called out to her.

“Ms. Stanton…”

He paused and pursed his lips, hesitating to speak. Nicole looked at him. “What’s wrong? Just say it.” Fabian exhaled as if he was mustering up the courage.

“Ms. Stanton, did I do something to make you unhappy?” Nicole frowned in confusion. “Why do you ask?”

“Although we don’t often meet and contact each other, I can feel it. The circle’s attitude towards me is very subtle. Although they still look polite as ever, it’s much less than before. I heard people in the circle say that Stanton Corporation chose Harvey Sage as their spokesperson. Will he take over all the resources I have?”

Fabian carefully phrased his words and raised his eyes to look at her.

His eyes were pure and child-like, clean like translucent glass.

He asked very straightforwardly without beating around the bush, asking what he wanted to know.

That was because he knew that when it came to speaking i n a roundabout way, he was no match for these business people.

Nicole lowered her eyes. Then, she smiled and looked up.

”There’s no such thing. Harvey is the spokesperson of Stanton Corporation naturally because he’ll attract more attention. It won’t affect your development. As long as you work hard in filming and singing, you’ll definitely achieve something.”


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