The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1102

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1102 Intimate Relationship

Quavon said, “Clayton didn’t even let anyone watch you. Even if the front door was locked, the door on the second floor could be opened. Was it so difficult to jump out and ask for help?“

Isaac would not d*e by jumping off the second floor.

He clearly had many opportunities to escape, but he did not.

Isaac just stubbornly ate moldy bread and waited for someone to rescue him.

It was ridiculous.

Clayton did not waste any energy on Isaac. However, Isaac one-sidedly thought that Clayton deliberately locked him up there to k**l him.

Isaac plotted Clayton ‘s d***h countless times and resented him.

What was the result?

Isaac did not leave, but not because he was unable to.

This incident was simply the greatest shame of his life!

It was because of this matter that Quavon forbade him to retaliate against Clayton.

Clayton did not consider Isaac an opponent at all.


Back at the apartment, Nicole wanted to see Clayton go in first, but Clayton insisted on seeing her go in.

The two of them struggled for a long time, neither entering the door.

In the end, they exchanged a smile, and Clayton pushed her inside.

“Go back and rest early.“

Nicole smiled. “I’ll watch you go.“ Clayton was speechless.

He smiled and reached out to take her hand. “How about you come up with me?“

Nicole drew her hand back. “Go up by yourself!“

Clayton smiled helplessly, lowered his head, and rubbed her palms. Then, he suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

Nicole wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling his blazing body warmth, and suddenly felt a lot more at ease.

She was not worried when he fought earlier. However, now, she felt her heart ache.

How could the past be so easily wiped clean? Her heart ached for him. She was heartbroken. It was a while before he gradually let her go.

His eyes were dark, and his voice was hoarse.

“Go on in.“

Nicole nodded. She also noticed the change in his body and could not stay any longer, so she immediately ran inside and closed the door.

She let out a deep breath.

Nicole did not reject a more intimate relationship. She just was not used to it.

The night was dark. It was slightly cold.

Quavon and Isaac brought gifts to the Stanton Mansion but were politely turned away by Floyd.

For several times in a row, Quavon was faced with a closed door.

He realized Floyd’s attitude.

Isaac was furious. When was the Sloan family ever disrespected like that?

Floyd was looking down on them too much.

“It must be Nicole! Floyd is making things so stiff. Doesn’t he have any intention to cooperate with us?“

Quavon looked at him and spoke in a light tone.

“After coming to Mediania for so long, only the Stanton family hasn’t sent anyone to make an appointment with us. You should be able to see their attitude.“

Isaac gritted his teeth. “They’re too arrogant. Even Eric Ferguson had to respect us. Who does the Stanton family think they are?“

Quavon said, “Mr. Ferguson did that because he had a purpose, but the Stanton family isn’t interested. That’s why I think you should give up on Nicole!“

“No. If Clayton can have her, why can’t I?“

Isaac refused flatly. The possessiveness in his bones made it so he had to obtain Nicole.

Quavon frowned.

“Clayton won’t get his wishes. They might be able to date normally, but it won’t go smoothly if he wants t o get married. It doesn’t matter how much money Clayton makes. The Stanton family wouldn’t accept someone without any background.”

Nowadays, marriage alliances were all about connections, resources, and long-term interests.

Money was of no use.

There were many wealthy people, but marriage alliances between affluent families were never about who had more money.

The complexity of the family background, an extensive network of resources, and the involvement of the interests of all parties were the key to the consolidation of a marriage alliance.

What about Clayton?


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