The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1086

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1086 Complicated Relationship

“I accidentally stumbled onto some photos of the past a few days ago. Isaac’s mother is thirty years younger than my grandfather, and she died shortly after she married my grandfather. I’ve probably never seen her before, so I wouldn’t have an impression of her.“

Nicole questioned, “Are you suspecting that Isaac’s mother gave birth to him, but he’s not actually your grandfather’s child?“

Clayton nodded. A faint shadow cast over his brows.

“My mother…“ He paused before continuing, “She left quite a few photos while she was still around. I’ve seen photos of my father when he was young, and there are also photos of him with other people. I think Isaac’s mother was among them.“

As soon as Clayton ‘s words finished, Nicole had a shocking speculation in her heart.

Her expression changed slightly.

“You mean, your father might have a relationship with Isaac’s mother, who is also nominally your grandmother?“

A long time passed.

Clayton nodded.

His expression was heavy and unpleasant.

Although Clayton had never met Isaac’s mother, that woman’s picture had always been exhibited in the Sloan family. She looked pure and beautiful, so it left a deep impression on people at first glance.

At that time, Clayton did not care too much about the woman’s looks, nor did he associate it with the woman in the photos his mother had collected.

However, after flipping through the old photos, a shocking thought popped up when he saw that unfamiliar woman.

It was as if there was a trace of similarity. Nicole quietly s****d in a breath of cold air. What kind of cliche plot was this?

According to the timeline, Isaac’s mother would be a few years younger than Clayton’s father.

She would obtain more than enough if she married Quavon, so why did she marry an old man thirty years older than her?

If Isaac was Quavon ‘s biological son, then this news would not seem to be surprising.

Nicole pondered and could not help but put her thoughts into words.

“It’s no wonder Quavon cares so much about Isaac. If Isaac is his son, as well as the son he had with his first lover, then all this makes sense.“

Quavon ‘s favoritism and unconditional trust in Isaac were probably all based on the fact that he knew that Isaac was his son.

Thus, that might be the answer to Quavon ‘s indifferent attitude toward Clayton.

How could an illegitimate son whom he did not want in the first place get the same treatment as the son he had with his first love?

However, Nicole did not voice the latter speculation. Clayton already guessed it himself.

Quavon had always been guarded and lukewarm toward Clayton.

However, Quavon was affectionate and patient toward Isaac.

No matter how much an elder brother loved his younger brother, it would not exceed the love for his own son, right?

Unless… That “younger brother“ was actually his son.

Nicole looked at him with burning eyes. “Do you have any plans, Clayton?“

There were a few seconds of silence.

Clayton slowly spoke. “There’s no evidence since everything is just speculation. I ‘ll investigate this clearly. It won’t be too late to make arrangements for it then.“

He had to be 100% sure.

Nicole raised her brows. This was indeed Clayton’s style.

“But even if it’s true, it’s just a s*****l. It wouldn ‘t cause much loss to the Sloan family, right? Although the Sloan family’s right of inheritance is with Isaac, the power is controlled in Quavon ‘s hands. I don’t quite understand what exactly it is you want to do.”

Nicole would only know what Clayton wanted to do next if she knew what his goal was.

Clayton raised his eyes to look at her, and the corners of his lips curved slightly.

“Are you that concerned about me?”

Nicole looked at him and muttered, “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me…”


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