The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1079

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1079 Feel Sorry for You

In fact, Clayton had been keeping a more comfortable pair of shoes for Nicole in the car.

Nicole immediately refused. “Of course not! How can other shoes match my outfit?“

Clayton pursed his lips and did not insist on it.

Girls had their persistence that could not be opposed.

As soon as the two of them walked in, they felt a lot warmer.

Nicole relaxed and realized that Clayton’s jacket was still draped on her.

He only wore a thin shirt, and he was the injured one.

Nicole was a little sad. Clayton looked at her sideways. “What’s wrong?“

She reached out to take off her jacket, but Clayton hurriedly stopped her.

“Wear it. I just finished a fight, so my body still feels hot.“

Nicole paused a little and did not continue to take off the jacket.

The nurse on duty welcomed her. “Ms. Stanton? May I ask where you are injured?“

This nurse had taken care of the injured Nicole not long ago, so she recognized Nicole right away.

Nicole smiled and pointed at Clayton.

“Please give him a full body checkup.“

The nurse glanced at Clayton in shock. She did not expect the injured person to be this suave man.

“Sure, sure.“

The nurse dared not delay another moment and immediately found a wheelchair for Clayton to sit in.

Clayton was speechless.

With Nicole’s eye gesture, the abled man eventually sat on the wheelchair.

Clayton felt like others would think that he could not walk.

Two hours later.

Clayton came out surrounded by a large group of doctors.

Nicole went over to him nervously. The doctor maintained a decent smile.

“Mr. Sloan is very healthy. His internal organs are not damaged in any way. His tendons are a little damaged, and he has some bruises on the face.

There’s no need to take m********n. Just apply this ointment three times a day and he’ll be fine in three days.“

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was only a superficial injury.

The doctors from various departments sent them away very patiently.

When they arrived at the apartment, Nicole sent Clayton upstairs for the first time and waved very reluctantly.

“Go on in. I’ll leave when you get inside.“ Clayton stroked her forehead and felt a little lost.

He laughed in a low voice. “Why do I feel like you stole my line?“

Clayton should have said her words.

Nicole blinked. “Did I? You’re injured, so of course, I need to take care of you. Go and rest!“

Clayton helplessly raised his head. His voice was deep and hoarse.

“Nicole, no matter when, I’ll be the one to take care of you. Don’t worry about me.“

Clayton vaguely felt that Nicole’s concern for him was a little excessive.

Nicole’s breathing was tense, and the silence lasted for a long time.

She slowly raised her head. Her gaze was clear with light ripples as she looked at him. Her eyes felt a little sore.

“Clayton, I just feel… Feel sorry for you…“ Her voice was low, but he could hear it.

His body trembled slightly, his breathing instantly became tense.

Nicole’s reaction was unexpected.

“They knew it was fake, and you didn’t defend yourself, so no one knows the truth. It’s as if you were born a sinner, but you did nothing wrong, Clayton. How could they do this to you?”

By the end of it, her voice was almost inaudible.

However, Clayton heard it all, and the sound of her choking.

He suddenly felt suffocated. He could not control it and stepped forward to wrap her in his embrace.

Nicole suddenly hugged him tightly and gave him a response.

Her heart really ached for him. She was heartbroken that he could remain such a clean and gentle person who came out of the mud without a stain on him.

How wonderful!


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