The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1072

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1072 Feeding Fish in the Sea

Quavon Sloan was irritated and livid because of Clayton ‘s indifferent attitude, but he had to hold back on this occasion.

The veins on Quavon ‘s face twitched slightly.

The old friend smiled and spoke.

“I really didn’t expect that Clayton is your son. I shou1d’ve thought of it. He’s a Sloan and he’s from Liberty too, so it must have something to do with you!“ The old friend laughed.

Quavon sneered and smiled perfunctorily.

“It’s his good fortune that he was reincarnated into my family.“

Clayton ‘s dark eyes sank slightly. He then hooked his lips and said, “It’s more like my damnation, right?“

Quavon ‘s face was gloomy. “Clayton!“

“Hey, old friend, don’t get angry. Youngsters are always a little outspoken. If you have any misunderstandings, talk it out properly. I’ll leave you two father and son to talk and won’t disturb you…”

The old friend had the good sense to leave.

Quavon finally did not restrain his expression.

“Clayton, did you lock up Isaac? Where did you send him to?“

Quavon pursued aggressively.

Clayton ‘s gaze was cold and sullen. His gentle expression was not at all visible.

“I sent him to the sea to feed the fish.“

“ Clayton, he’s your uncle! You really don’t care for kinship! How could I raise such an ingrate like you?!“

Quavon cursed with a glum face.

Clayton glared at his father with a chill seeping through his eyes.

“Why should I care for kinship? Anyway, in your eyes, I’m just an ingrate who doesn’t care for my family. If I start to care about kinship, you’ll all be uncomfortable, right?“

In an instant, the room turned cold.

The silent tension made the air stagnant.

Nicole stood at the back and watched the quarrel between this father and son pair. If no one was around, they would certainly get into a full-on fight.

Rich family infighting could really be unimaginably ferocious.

Nicole was just glad that she was not born into such a family.

However, Nicole did not expect that Clayton ‘s father was actually more concerned about Isaac.

Quavon’s cold eyes were deep.

“So, you just don’t want to let him go?“

The father began to threaten his own son. His tone became sharp and harsh.

Clayton met his gaze without the slightest hint of retreating.

“What can you do if I don’t?“

Clayton just wanted to p**s off Quavon.

Quavon’s breathing became ragged in an instant. His gaze when he looked at Clayton was extraordinarily sharp and dangerous.

Somehow, that old friend turned back again with many bigwigs in the circle behind him.

“Clayton, this is your fault. In Mediania, we have to abide by the rules and can’t just violate personal freedom.“

Many people echoed in the back.

“That’s right, you’re a family after all, so it’s not good to make such a big mess out of it.“

“Mr. Sloan, Isaac is your uncle. How can you do this?“

Nicole looked at the scene in amazement.

By the time she realized what was going on, it was over.

Quavon and this old friend had set a trap for Clayton just to make Clayton admit that he had taken Isaac.

Nicole was secretly horrified.

Cunning old men really should not be underestimated.

As soon as Quavon appeared, he made Clayton lose the credibility Clayton had maintained for so long. Quavon made a good move to outsmart Clayton.

Nicole frowned on the side and watched as Clayton ‘s face turned from gentle to gloomy.

Quavon touched his temples and saw that his purpose was achieved, so he quickly changed his expression.

“Clayton, I know that I was a little cruel not to let you join Sloan Corporation, but I was thinking of training your ability. We still have to rely on ourselves anyway. Are you holding a grudge because of this?”


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