The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1066

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1066 Coax Me

As soon as Clayton left, Livia glanced at his back and said, “Congratulations!“

Nicole smiled. “Thank you. Why isn’t Nathaniel here?“

Although Livia and Nathaniel’s romance was still kept secret and not exposed, according to Nathaniel’s character, he would definitely follow Livia.

Livia smiled. “He’s busy with the show preparation on the set, so he came for a while and left just now.“

Nicole raised her eyebrows. It looked like the two of them had a good relationship.

The two ladies talked for a while longer. Clayton came back and glanced at Nicole, who immediately understood.

Nicole said goodbye to Livia and bid goodbye to Lance before she left.

In the car.

Nicole opened the car window for some air, but Clayton closed the window and looked at her.

“It’s still a little cold at night, and you’re wearing so little. Do you want to end up in the hospital?“

Although those were words of reproach, his tone was helpless and doting.

Nicole laughed. “You’re not angry anymore?“

When they were inside earlier, Clayton was clearly still a little upset.

The man sighed. “I am, but you don’t know how to coax me, so I can only coax myself.“

Nicole froze, then she could not help but feel guilty. ‘ Coax him? It’s so awkward! Only a child would need coaxing…’

Clayton glanced at her with the corner of his eyes and paused.

His voice was a little dry and bitter.

“Why didn’t you explain in the beginning?“ Nicole looked up and immediately reacted.

Clayton was still mindful of the person who had mistaken Nicole for being Mrs. Ferguson earlier.

“I didn’t know who that man was at first. I was just about to explain when you came over…“

Nicole hesitated for a moment and reached out to tug at his shirt.

“So, what should I do to coax you?“

Nicole knew that Clayton had always been pushing their relationship forward.

She enjoyed it, but this was not fair to him. Nicole asked him very seriously.

Clayton ‘s chest trembled slightly. His gaze flickered, and he stared straight ahead.

He drove very steadily, but at that moment, he almost slammed on the brakes.

His face was slightly tense, but the corners of his lips eased up.

He had a warm and soft smile as if it was all worth it. Clayton did not answer until he walked her upstairs to her door.

When Nicole was just about to go in, Clayton took her wrist and rubbed the inside of her wrist as he looked at her deeply.

“Give me a k**s.“ Nicole was stunned. She blinked her eyes.

Only then did she recall that this was the way Clayton wanted her to coax him.

‘It’s just that his reaction was a little too late, right? Moreover, this request is a little…’

Clayton noticed Nicole’s hesitation, so he smiled and stroked her head. ‘ Forget it… It’s not the right time yet…’

“Go on in.“

His voice was gentle and pleasant, as if the condition he asked for earlier was not his words.

Clayton took a step back and intended to go upstairs first so as not to make her feel awkward.

However, Nicole unexpectedly stepped forward, cupped his face, closed her eyes, and kissed him.

Their heartbeats seemed to stop in that instant.

Her soft, trembling lips carefully landed on his warm lips. She gave him a light peck and wanted to let go.

In the next second, an arm tightly wrapped around her waist to prevent her from retreating and brought her toward his body.

His k**s swept over her lips overwhelmingly as if he wanted her to be exclusively his.

His breathing was heavy, and his breath was hot. At this time, he did not have a hint of gentlemanly restraint or composure.

The uncontrolled possessiveness in him burst out in a torrent at this time.

Nicole felt her whole body tingling like she got an electric shock.

Her force of pushing him away seemed weak, so she could only be forced to follow him.


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