The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1052

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1052 She’s Greedy

Julie subconsciously wanted to refuse because she felt that Kai was just taking pity on her for being someone who was laughed at by everyone.

Her n***s were flying all over the place, so what qualifications did she have to put up a front?

If people knew that the famous movie star Kai had married such a woman, so many people would poke at his back.

Why should she involve such a clean Kai?

Kai had always loved to maintain his spotless reputation, so how could she pull him down from the pedestal and d***y him?

Julie shook her head and cried. Words of refusal came to her lips, but she could not say them.

She was greedy.

Kai, who she had yearned for, offered himself on a silver platter. To make her feel secure, he could marry her and tell everyone how he liked her so humbly.

Back when her crush came to an end, she knew how hard it was.

By then, she had never regretted that she loved Kai. She also bore all the consequences by herself.

Now, his heart was also moved.

The tangled emotions were tearing her body apart. She did not know how to choose.

Kai touched her forehead. His voice was gentle as he said, “It’s okay. You can think about it. Think it over before you leave the hospital.“

Julie paused for a moment. Her emotions stabilized.

She needed time to calm down.

His voice was drawn out with a slight tremor.

“Jules, please take pity on me and don’t leave me alone…“

The sourness at the bottom of Julie’s eyes came back up.

Julie closed her eyes. Her face was pale. She used an excuse to change the topic.

“K, I have a headache.“

Kai was stunned, then hurriedly stood up and ran out to find a doctor.

Julie sighed with relief. Her tears were still falling uncontrollably.

The doctor came over to do a checkup and also felt relieved.

“Your recovery is good, but you need to be hospitalized for a few days for observation. Rest well.“

Since this patient was related to so many people from Stanton Corporation, the hospital staff did not dare to be careless.

Thus, when Julie’s health improved, the hospital

staff also felt happy.

It was a while before Nicole and Yvette entered the VIP ward together.

Julie was lying there with a pale face, and Kai was peeling an apple for her at the side with focus.

The light hit his well-defined fingers, which glowed with luster.

When Yvette saw this scene, she regretted barging in so suddenly.

Kai was interrupted.

Yvette braced herself and lifted what she was carrying in her hand as she smiled at Julie.

“I just went to buy your favorite custard buns. Aren’t you ecstatic?“

Julie could not help but laugh.

“Do you think that I’ll be that happy just for a bun?“

Kai put down the things in his hand. “Well, I’m hungry.“

Nicole followed in from behind. “K, Dominic called me just now. Your new movie’s premiere meet and greet is today. Why don’t you go over?“

Dominic spent a lot of effort on this call.

Kai frowned, took out his phone from his pocket, and looked at it.

Sure enough, there were two dozen missed calls. “My phone was muted. Don’t worry about it.“ His tone was relaxed.

With Kai’s standing, it was a surprise if he attended such a premiere. Even if he did not show up, he would not get scolded.

Julie paused. “You should go. Your fans have been waiting for this movie for a long time. If you don’t show up, there won’t be much hype, and the whole crew’s efforts will be wasted.”

Nicole blinked.

She seemed to understand that Julie did not want Kai to be here the entire time.

After some thought, Nicole went over to urge him.

“K, listen to Jules. I’ll take good care of her. It’s only two or three hours anyway. I promise I won’t leave her side.”


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