The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1044

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1044 For the Money

Not to mention that no one would be able to step forward to clarify for Julie, Roman ‘s d***h might even be blamed on Julie.

When the time comes, Julie would not be able to rid herself of those slanderous allegations.

Kai’s eyebrows twitched slightly. His Adam’s apple bobbed.

He said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll k**l him to avenge her!“

Roman’s body trembled violently.

When he heard this, Roman cowered in the corner in fear.

Nicole tugged on Kai’s arm and stared at his face.

“There’s no rush for that. He’ll get his comeuppance eventually. Don’t get your hands d***y. I’ll keep watch here and wait for someone to come and take him away. You should go look for Julie!“

When Kai heard Julie’s name, a hint of darkness crossed his eyes.

He could not bear to see this happen to Julie and felt heartbroken.

Kai did not want to leave because he did not want to let the son of a b*tch Roman off the hook so simply.

Nicole tugged on Kai ‘s arm. “Go! Don’t let Julie do something stupid!“

Kai’s body trembled for a moment as he glanced at Nicole.

His lips turned white.

Compared to k*****g Roman, Kai wanted even more for Julie to live well.

Kai took a step back without saying a word and suddenly turned around to stride away.

Hearing the sound of the car engine revving below, Nicole was relieved.

Nicole stared at Roman’s swollen face. Roman used to look bright and cheerful, but now, he had sunken cheeks. He was so thin that he lost his charm.

She walked over and looked down on him. Her voice was icy cold.

“Judging by your face, you didn’t go for d**g rehabilitation?“

Roman shuddered and opened his eyes.

Suddenly, he ran to Nicole and knelt down in front of her.

“Ms. Stanton, you’re rich, so please lend me some money. I’ll definitely pay you back later! What happened to Ms. Nixon was my fault. As long as you give me money, I ‘ll immediately clarify this matter!“

The room was silent for a few seconds.

Nicole’s eyes were cold and deadly still as she glared at Roman.

“Just for money?“

Roman hurriedly nodded. “Yeah, it’s all for the money, she still gave it to me, which means that she still likes me, but recently, she stopped giving me any. I can’t even see her. She’s obviously rich, but she didn’t help me…Ah-”

Roman let out a miserable cry and fell on his chest viciously.

She was shaking with anger.

“Help someone like you? Are you even worthy?”

Nicole pointed at Roman. Her voice was cold without a hint of warmth.

“look at your ghastly appearance! Back then, Julie trained and promoted you. She wanted to make you an international supermodel, but you shot yourself in the foot and still want to drag her down with you?”

Nicole walked over and kicked him in the chest again.

Every pore of Nicole’s body wanted to k**l Roman.

Nicole finally experienced the urge to k**l that Kai felt earlier.

Roman’s body trembled as he hugged himself.

It was so painful that he violently gasped for breath.

Nicole was not the slightest bit soft-hearted and kept kicking him like she was kicking a d**d dog.

She still remembered the first time that Julie introduced Roman to her. Back then, Julie wanted Nicole to bring Roman to the auction.

At that time, Roman ‘s career was still on the rise.

He was optimistic, bright, ambitious, and had a good sense of proportion. He had a bright future.

Nicole did not expect that it was all faked.

When she thought about those things he did to Julie, she really felt the urge to bite him and chew him up.

Roman begged for mercy in pain and agony as his worthless tears flowed down his face. His body was curled up.

“Ms. Stanton, I was wrong…“

Nicole paused for a moment, took out her phone, and started to record a video.

Her voice was cold as she asked, “Those photos… When did you take them?“

Roman shuddered. His eyes were so swollen that he could not open them, so naturally, he did not notice that Nicole was recording a video.

“When we were dating, she wouldn’t let me touch her. So, I drugged her, but I didn’t touch her! I was afraid that she’d wake up and flip out.“


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