The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1043

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1043 K*ll Him

Nicole was too angry to be rational.

“So, they’re just going to let it be? Everyone’s scolding Julie now. What did she do wrong?“

Julie only abandoned a vain Roman and made Roman taste his own bitter fruit.

Why should Julie have to face all this? Dominic sighed.

“I understand, but it has already happened. Even if we withdraw it, it’ll be too late. The most important thing is to stop that guy from talking. Your third brother has gone out to find him. I’m now worried if someone will get hurt…“

Nicole’s expression changed dramatically. She immediately hung up the phone and ran out.

“Logan, if there’s anything, get my big brother to deal with it. Don’t contact me if it’s not urgent.“

Logan replied, “Understood.“

He knew that Julie was Nicole’s best friend, so at this time, Nicole would never stay out of it.

Nicole called Kai like crazy, but no one answered.

With Kai’s temper, he could really beat Roman to d***h!

She asked Dominic.

“Do you know where Roman is now? Where did my brother go to look for him?“

Dominic replied, “He seems to be in his hometown, Brick County.“

Nicole hung up the phone and immediately stepped on the gas pedal. She rushed over as fast as she could.

She was apprehensive and concerned about Julie. She was also worried that Kai would do something stupid.

Nicole wanted to split herself into two. She then called Yvette.

“Did you go to Julie’s place?“

Yvette also panicked. Her tone was anxious.

“You finally called! I was scared to d***h. I’m on my way there now! I heard that Julie went to the office but was blocked by the media and Roman’s fans, so she went home. Everyone was cursing her and saying all kinds of harsh words. I was so angry and scolded them online…“

Nicole’s tone was stern. “Never mind the internet. The most important thing is that Julie is fine. Go to her house and watch her.“

“You’re coming over, right? I’m afraid I can’t handle it alone!“

Nicole said, “I have to look for Roman first. Kai also went to find him, so I’m afraid that there will be fatalities. It won’t be easy to clean up then.“

Yvette panicked for a moment.

“Okay, then let’s split up. Go ahead and get Kai to calm down. Leave that b*****d Roman ‘s life to me. I’m going to find Julie.“

Nicole hung up the phone with a faint “mm“.

The half-hour journey was shortened to fifteen minutes.

Roman’s detailed address had been sent to Nicole’s phone.

Nicole went upstairs according to the address. The main door was open.

She went in and saw a mess inside the house, as if a fight had just taken place.

The sound of a chair falling came from inside, so Nicole ran toward the noise.

She saw that Roman was being pressed against the window and strangled by Kai. Roman’s face was blue and purple as he gasped for breath. Roman even kicked down the chair from his struggle, but to no avail.

Roman struggled and was horrified, while Kai’s face was cold, stern, and unwavering.

Kai was going to k**l Roman!

The force on Kai’s hands was constantly increasing a s he wanted to choke Roman to d***h or throw Roman off the ledge.

They were on the 16th floor, so Roman would certainly d*e if he fell from here.

Nicole’s expression changed as she rushed over.


She yanked Kai’s hand away with great force. The veins on the back of Kai’s hand were bulging and well -defined. It was evident that Kai was extremely furious at this time.

Roman sighed in relief and knelt on the ground as he covered his neck and coughed violently.

Kai’s eyebrows were cold and depressed. His gaze was gloomy, and his overwhelming emotions sank the instant he saw Nicole.

“Why are you here? Hurry up and leave!” Nicole’s eyes were red.

She could tell that Kai really wanted to get rid of Roman.

Nicole’s eyelashes trembled. She paused for a moment. Her voice was very anxious as she said, “ Kai, don’t be silly. This matter can’t be solved like this. If he dies, it’ll really be over for Julie!”


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