The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1039

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1039 She’s Mine

However, Nicole was somehow drained of all her strength now. Her legs were weak, and she could barely stand as the man’s arms supported her weight.

‘I’m so pathetic!’ Nicole secretly cursed herself.

Her heart was beating violently until Clayton ‘s warm lips gently pressed onto hers, then her heart seemed to stop.

She still remembered the f***l feeling when she kissed Clayton for the first time.

It was happening again.

His touch was gentle, and he gave her enough time to adapt.

After the gentle peck, his k**s gradually grew more aggressive as he engulfed her lips and tongue as if he wanted to devour every inch of her.

Nicole was in a trance as she was dominated by him. Her mind had gone blank, and even her bones were tingling inside.

Her whole world became the deadly feeling that Clayton brought to her. She tried to resist it, but she became addicted instead.

The two of them were immersed in their own little world when a sudden sharp cry sounded, breaking the dimensional wall of this world.


Lil Michael came out after taking a shower and changing his clothes to see this scene. He could not accept it.

His eyes were filled with anger, disappointment, and bitter hatred for his father.

Nicole forcefully pushed Clayton away and saw Lil Michael standing not far away, glaring at them angrily.

She could not control her blush and racing heart at all. For a moment, she wanted to d*e from embarrassment.

Nicole bit her delicate red lips, glared at the man who started this mess, and turned to run back to her apartment.

This time, Clayton did not manage to pull her back.

He chuckled and stroked his lips. His eyes were as warm as a hot spring.

‘Why does Little Miss Stanton blush so easily? It seems like I have to make her get used to it soon.’

Clayton collected his mood, turned around, and looked at Lil Michael.

“Stop screaming!“ He rebuked.

Lil Michael immediately stopped screaming. The boy was shaking with anger.

Clayton walked to the table and continued eating as if nothing had happened.

He did not care about his son’s mood and his little heart that shattered.

Lil Michael stomped his short legs and climbed up on the chair next to the table.

He glared at Clayton angrily.

“Were you kissing her just now? How dare you k**s her?!“

‘I’m the one who’s going to marry Pretty Lady! Why did Daddy k**s her first?!’

Lil Michael was really furious.

Clayton raised his eyes and looked at Lil Michael. “Yeah, We’re dating, so of course, I can k**s her!“

Lil Michael’s round eyes had shock written all over them.


His surprise was unconcealed.

“How can you two be dating? How could she like you?!“

Clayton ‘s expression sank for an instant. Did he have to be so demeaning to his father?

“It’s not surprising that she took a fancy to me.

After all, I’m so exceptional. Weren’t there plenty of women who wanted to be your stepmother before?“

“How can Pretty Lady compare to those women?!“ Lil Michael really could not accept this shocking fact.

‘Aren’t I the one Pretty Lady likes the most? Why did she like Daddy instead?’

Clayton ‘s lips curled into a smile as he looked at his son.

“Anyway, this is the truth, so you have to accept it soon. You’d better change the way you address her. What should you call her…?”

Clayton ‘s words made Lil Michael’s world collapse, but Clayton acted as if nothing was wrong.

“Pretty Aunty, then? She might become your mommy in the future, so you have to be mentally prepared…”

Lil Michael’s tiny face went white. ‘Oh, no! I can’t accept this!’

His round eyes began to overflow with tears.

“She’s mine! I’m gonna marry her when I grow up. I liked her first. She said that she likes me the most. She said that she would wait for me to grow up!”


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