The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1037

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1037 Waiting Anxiously

To Clayton, the Sloan family should have stopped existing long ago.

He just could not be bothered to do anything.

Floyd’s eyes were dark as he nodded.

“Go out. Lil N is probably waiting anxiously.“

Floyd did not take a position. He straightened his clothes and walked out.

Clayton pondered on Floyd’s attitude.

‘Maybe Floyd didn’t care that I’m from the Sloan family? Maybe he won’t stop Nicole from being together with me.’

The corners of Clayton ‘s lips curled up. His taut face finally relaxed as he slowly exhaled a breath.

The worst was over.

Nicole played with Lil Michael and Tigger upstairs for a while.

After Tigger failed to upgrade itself, it fell into a state of self-reflection and was sullen and unhappy. It looked like it had suffered a blow.

However, when Tigger saw Michael, it regained some of its spirit and jumped around on him, curling into a ball that was soft to touch.

The butler came over to call her.

“The meal is ready. The Chairman asked you to come down to eat.

Nicole paused. “Did Clayton leave?“

“No, he’s downstairs playing chess with the Chairman.“

‘Wow, that was surprisingly harmonious.’ Nicole thought.

It seemed to have gone a little smoother than she had imagined.

Her dad was still a deeply understanding dad after all. Nicole smiled and took Lil Michael downstairs.

With Lil Michael around, the meal was considered to be a happy one.

After the meal, Clayton left early.

Nicole and Lil Michael still did not want to leave, and Lil Michael insisted on pulling Floyd to the pond to see if the fish had grown fat.

Thus, the two took their fishing rods and went fishing.

Nicole took a nap and slept until late in the evening. When she looked at the time, it was almost 6:oo pm.

She took out her phone and found that Clayton had sent her a lot of messages.

[You guys haven’t come back?]

[I left early so you would come back. I even deliberately left Lil Michael behind.]

[Lil Michael is so useless. I won’t bring him along next time!]

[What do you want to eat for dinner?]

Clayton really did not tire of asking again and again.

Nicole’s lips curled in a smile. Her mood seemed to be extraordinarily better.

She replied. [I’ll go back in a while.]

Clayton replied in seconds. [Do you want me to pick you up?]

[No need!]

Clayton sent a smiley face.

Oh, it was an upside-down smiley face. Nicole was stunned and laughed helplessly.

Then, Clayton sent another message. [I contacted a school for Michael and will be accompanying him there tomorrow. Do you want to join us?]

Nicole typed. [Okay, I’ll come along…]

‘Poor Lil Michael. At this point, he doesn’t know that he just lost his freedom! ‘

However, comparatively, the school chosen by Clayton must be very safe.

After eating dinner, Nicole and Lil Michael went back.

Clayton went back and was cooking a few dishes while wearing an apron.

Nicole felt very bad when she saw this. “I forgot to tell you that we already ate.“

Clayton smiled. “Then have a bowl of soup. Michael, go change your clothes and come out.”

Lil Michael nodded and ran off to his room.

Nicole went in. The decor inside was simple and elegant, yet it gave people a warm and comfortable feeling. It really matched Clayton ‘s character. i Clayton brought a bowl of soup out for her and put it on the dining table.

“By the way, I haven’t asked you yet. How did you know where Michael was today?”

Clayton seemed to ask casually. Nicole paused.

“Eric Ferguson told me.” She did not hide it at all.

Clayton’s brows tightened. His face turned cold and solemn.

“Mr. Ferguson? The man working for Isaac earlier said that it was Mr. Ferguson ‘s house…”


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