The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1033

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress By I Wanna Eat Meat Chapter 1033 I’ll K**s You

Clayton looked at Lil Michael speechlessly. He really wanted to reach out and drag him out of Nicole’s arms.

‘Did he not see who came in first to save him?! Was there something wrong with this kid’s eyes? He had clearly cried “Daddy! Daddy!“ the loudest earlier!’ Clayton thought.

It was really incomprehensible.

Before Clayton could think anything, the three large men whose only bargaining chip ran away from them immediately fell to their knees with a thud.

“It has nothing to do with us! It was Mr. Isaac Sloan who told us to do this!“

Nicole was speechless.

Sure enough, people who were not cultivated personally easily betrayed their masters.

Clayton was not surprised at all and laughed coldly.

“I didn’t ask such a childish question.“

There was no need to surrender so hurriedly.

The men exchanged glances.

Clayton looked around.

“Did Eric Ferguson buy this house?“

The men replied carefully, “Yes.“

His eyes deepened slightly and sank coldly.

“Since you haven’t caused any harm to my son, I’ll let you off this time. But were you really unable to do anything when Michael was screaming so loudly?“

They were three strong men against one little boy, yet they could not do anything to him?

One of the men pursed his lips, seemingly a little aggrieved.

“We originally wanted to put some sleeping pills in his food and water, but the kid refused to eat or drink no matter what. He even broke several bowls. Mr. Isaac said to keep him alive, so we didn’t dare to act rashly.“

If Isaac knew that this would happen, he would have regretted not letting them act rashly.

Clayton sneered and shot a look at the bodyguard next to him before he turned around.

He used one hand to pick up Lil Michael, who was clinging tightly onto Nicole, and walked out with large strides.

“Daddy, Daddy, let go of me! I want Pretty Lady to carry me!“

Lil Michael protested on his shoulder.

He still liked his Pretty Lady who smelled good.

Clayton spanked his bottom. “Her arms will get tired. Don’t you know how heavy you are?“

Lil Michael became obedient. He was sad and upset.

He was just a little stronger.

Clayton hurt his masculine pride too much. ‘I’m still a growing kid!’ Lil Michael thought. Nicole followed closely behind.

She looked him up and down and was only relieved when she saw that he was fine.

“Lil Michael, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?“ What if he had internal injuries?

Lil Michael paused. “My heart hurts. I need a k**s to make it better.“

The boy puckered his lips. He was cute enough to make people’s hearts melt.

Nicole laughed, and Clayton said in an icy tone,“ Come here. I’ll k**s you!“

Lil Michael’s face was disgusted. “Only a girl’s kisses will work.“

“I’ll let the nanny k**s you then. I’ll tell Susan to get ready right now!“

Lil Michael panicked. Susan already liked to k**s him, so she might go out of control.

“No need, Daddy. I don’t need kisses anymore. I ‘m fine now!“

Nicole finally realized that he was joking and immediately could not help but laugh.

Lil Michael appeared in front of them alive and well, which made her feel like giving him all the good things in the world.

When they got to the car, Lil Michael finally got his wish and took Nicole’s arm as he leaned on her, keeping Clayton a distance away.

“Pretty Lady, were you worried about me?” Nicole nodded honestly.

Lil Michael was surprised.

Clayton snorted coldly. “Susan and the bodyguard are also very worried about you. Do you want to call them?”

Lil Michael looked at Clayton reproachfully.

“Daddy, why are you playing the third wheel here?” Clayton looked at him calmly.

In his heart, he wondered if it was time for Lil Michael to start his lesson.


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